Love the goodbyes!

Farewell is one of the most challenging feelings. Sometimes the flow of life forces us to do this, sometimes we go to say goodbye. So what exactly do we say goodbye to? Is it the possibility that he will not see it again, or is it a thank you for the experiences and experiences that have made us do this? What could be the reason for the reluctance to reach that final point when moving from a place or someone we share good or bad?

Of course, it is not easy to say goodbye to anything, but throughout life we ​​sometimes embrace and sometimes say goodbye. While we think we are saying goodbye to habits, people, place/place or a city, in fact, our shared feelings and memories that we say goodbye to while living. Some goodbyes are short-lived, while others may not be seen again. At this very point, the duration of the farewell actually progresses in parallel with the pain we experience. If the individual says goodbye for a short time, he does not experience much of a shock, but when he says goodbye to never meet again, he actually enters a mourning process equal to the pain of death. Just as we suffer knowing that we will not see him again when a loved one dies, we suffer the same pain when we say goodbye to him while we are alive.

Interestingly, the body experiences the same feelings when leaving a place or person that feels good, evokes bad feelings as well as bad goodbyes.

Accepting the Vedas allows us to embrace the new possibilities that come before us. Say goodbye to your sorrows, get little experiences, face your memories, rejoice your achievements. Say goodbye to what life brings, and embrace what life brings with a smile.

To you; After experiencing the sadness of the event, I suggest that you concentrate on the innovations that will come after the farewell, not the goodbye or the individual, and keep those memories in your most precious corner.

Stay well.

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