Love Has No Formula Movie Analysis

Simon of Asperger, who lives his life according to mathematical rules, and Sam, whose heart always beats logic.

There is a lot of noise outside, space inside. One sentence could describe Simon so well. We would use the space simile appropriately for both his relentless interest in space and the bottomless void he lives in because of Asperger’s. People with Asperger’s Syndrome have one or more stereotypical and limited attention patterns that are unusual in their level of attention or focus. This is how Simon sees the space shuttle, which looks like a stove, as a shelter where he can be isolated from everything. Simon has a lot of trouble in social communication because of his illness, and he thinks that he will never understand that both his parents and other people never understand him; except one person. His older brother, Sam. Sam, his brother, friend, captain, and always a safe shore. He’s the only human ever to have managed to turn her back when she went into space. movie ; It begins with Sam taking Simon with his stove to his new home with his girlfriend. From here, we can analyze how altruistic and emotional personality organization Sam has, that Simon’s compliance with specific, non-functional, routine daily tasks or ritual behavior patterns without any flexibility, and it is most convenient for him to adapt to this situation. is one of the obvious examples. The fact that he broke up with his beloved, whom he desperately needed, because he was not willing to leave his brother, is another strong example of the unrequited brotherhood bond. They break up because Sam’s girlfriend is not a burden to handle, and the real movie starts after that minute to adapt to the rules Simon has created, to organize his life according to an Asperger’s who has stereotypical and repetitive motor mannerisms (continuously turning the light on and off when he comes home, etc.). Simon sees how upset his brother is, and as his accustomed routine breaks down – a crucial point for an Asperger’s owner – Simon must find a new girlfriend and someone to do the dishes as well. Sam’s search for a girlfriend with his favorite movies, animals, and sexual characteristics resembles the work of a surveyor. In particular, the ranking of all the pictures and features by giving points is so careful that a feverish research will be reported and evaluated. However, our emotional brother does not care about this situation at all. In order to get rid of Simon’s insistent attitude – opposites attract each other – he makes the explanation that this is not the case in a metaphorical way. But things take a turn for the worse as an Asperger’s grasps everything literally. And that would be for the best for Simon, as he unwittingly gets the opportunity to fall in love for the first time in his life. Jennifer, whom she encounters at 8:55 a.m. every morning, with whom she often collides and comes into contact with – this is unbearable for Simon – Jennifer. Social withdrawal, lack of peer relationships, difficulty in understanding emotions, pedantic speech, presence of mental obsessions, rigid routines and repetitive use of objects are for the first time sympathetic and normal by someone else after Sam. Especially on that day when Jennifer tried to introduce Sam by force, Jennifer experienced that most of her obsessions with time, food and touch can be denied. The following night, this day full of experience, is revolutionary for Simon’s life, even though he has a serious argument with Sam, and Sam’s depression deepens and leaves the house. Wanting to forgive herself and have her brother again, our Aspergerian characters begin to prepare a huge surprise for Jennifer and Sam, in order to do this, she sells her most prized possession, buys 90 hateful romantic movie cassettes, and prepares the perfect food and ambiance. Unfortunately, things don’t go the way he wants and Simon, who is not used to things not going the way he wants, has a big attack.

It’s Jennifer’s ‘I love you’ sentence that brings Simon back to space for hours. When this is a previously unformulated mood, Simon remains unresponsive despite the first time the space shuttle hatch is opened. Until he sees true love in Jennifer’s eyes and feels it on his finger. Then a little smile. And an Asperger’s falling in love, breaking all the formulas.

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