Love Detox for Broken Hearts! Being Alone Isn’t So Bad

Being alone can be scary for many women. The thought of being alone without friendship and love can lead to a state of panic and fear for life.

Love detox for the heartbroken! Being alone isn’t so bad

Being alone or single is not something to worry about, but rather something that can be embraced. A break in relationships should be spent as a useful time for you to take time to explore yourself and think about your own needs and happiness.


Especially after relationships where trust and honesty are very low, resting for a while and preparing yourself for a healthier relationship are among the steps to be taken to be someone who knows what they want in the next relationship and to have a longer-term relationship.


Being alone is a journey full of unknowns. You can find again who you are, your desires, your wants, your needs. It may take some time to find that you are on this journey.

To accept the past as it is and move forward towards the future, you must first be alone. “What do you want to achieve, what do you want to challenge yourself about, how can you enrich your mind, body and soul?” When you start asking questions like these, it means that you have started to embark on this journey.

But before that, you need to stop and breathe. Being on your own not only takes a breather, but also allows you to put everything into perspective. Eventually, you realize that being alone isn’t so bad after all.


You can plan your relationships the same way you plan birthday parties or dinners. Understanding your hopes, wishes and dreams, learning what you expect from a relationship, and setting out in this way is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself.

The relationship plan may also include issues such as age, education, finances. Just like we plan our education and career, making a relationship plan is one of the effective methods to eliminate disappointments from the beginning.

For this reason, a relationship plan that you will make at the end of the love detox will guide you on how to take your next steps. In this way, when you get out of the relationship detox, you will become a person who knows what he wants, is more firmly grounded and self-confident.

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