Love-based relationship makes life better

Now I will explain to you a method that is effective in all areas of life.

-To love!

Yes, you heard right. Love is the building block of relationships, maturation, growth and healing that we see around us. In this sense, love is a serious need.

Love is the architect of many beautiful things. Children are raised on the basis of love, spouses can heal each other’s wounds thanks to their love for each other. In order for the relationship between the psychologist and the client to have a healing effect, the counselor must have an understanding of unconditional respect and humanistic love.

As Erich Fromm said, “love is a process that invigorates, renews and energizes people.”

At the point where we take love as the basis of our lives, we encounter the question of how to do it. Because the behaviors that we think we do as loving may not find the same meaning on the other side. The first reason for this is that people’s understanding of love can be different, and this may be a natural situation. Because our knowledge of love begins with the way our family teaches us and continues with the knowledge we get from our environment.

To develop awareness of love itself as a psychological counselor who has gained the competencies of family counselor and play therapist; how to form loving bonds with our loved ones and children; I am serving at the Kristal Psychological Counseling Center in Izmit on how to reveal the healthy, safe and healing aspects of our relationships.

When you want to add value to yourself and your life in terms of raising children based on love and establishing relationships based on love, you can come to Kristal Psychological Counseling Center or contact me via the doctor’s website.

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