love addiction

Love ; It is defined as a feeling of extreme love and commitment. Love in psychology; It is an intense emotional state whose definition and way of living varies from person to person. If love addiction “obsessive love–obsessed lover” associated with concepts such as People can be addicted to other people, just as they can be drug addicts. Love addiction; It has characteristic features such as being under influence, resistance, deprivation, craving, secrecy, personality change, distortion of reality, risk taking, loss of control, idealizing one’s partner. Rather than the amount of experience of the object of dependence, the meaning ascribed to it and how it affects one’s life are determinative. Just like the desire for substance, he is in an irresistible desire for his partner. In the process of developing tolerance, they may need more attention from their partner, more sacrifice, more rewards, a desire for loyalty, and they may want assurances of commitment from their partner. When the relationship does not go well, he may become obsessive, depression, violence, loneliness, chronic emptiness, loss of pleasure and suicide attempts may occur. When the relationship ends, it has an effect like substance deprivation, and they feel pain as if they are losing a part of their existence.

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