Lose weight in the fight against hypertension, say goodbye to salt

Stating that hypertension is a serious and life-long disease, experts point out that it can be prevented by making important changes in lifestyle. Experts recommend avoiding obesity, reducing salt consumption, avoiding alcohol and smoking and doing plenty of exercise.

Hypertension is a chronic disease that occurs when blood pressure is measured higher than the normal range. It is aimed to draw attention to high blood pressure and the stroke (stroke), heart, eye and kidney diseases caused by high blood pressure on May 17, which is commemorated as World Hypertension Day every year.

Cardiology Specialist Prof. from Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said that hypertension is a serious and lifelong disease.

Hypertension may go undetected

Stating that hypertension occurs mostly in middle ages in both sexes without being caused by any disease, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı made the following evaluations:

“Hypertension is a rise in blood pressure that occurs in 95 percent of patients, the cause of which is unknown, not due to another disease. This rise in blood pressure goes unnoticed by most people. Those who notice it rarely come to the doctor with complaints such as headache, chest pain, and blackout, but most people do not realize that their blood pressure is high. High blood pressure is the trigger of many events. It is a very serious risk factor for the formation of plaque in the heart vessels, which we call coronary artery disease, and the resulting heart attack, which can be fatal. Stroke and cerebral hemorrhage also stand out as a serious disease caused by hypertension. Beyond that, it can cause visual disturbances up to kidney failure and blindness.”

Obesity and salt consumption lead to hypertension

Noting that there are many factors that cause hypertension, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı emphasized that it is one of the most important causes of obesity. Prof. dr. Baltalı said, “Research shows that there is a very close relationship between high blood pressure and excess weight. Hypertension is also related to excessive salt intake. Under normal conditions, the amount of salt that a person needs normally is between 2.8-3 grams per day, while the salt intake in our Turkish tables goes up to 18 grams. Apart from that, smoking and alcohol use are among the factors that trigger high blood pressure.

Change your lifestyle

Pointing out the importance of life change in preventing hypertension, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalıı recommended reducing salt consumption and exercising regularly and made the following recommendations:

“First of all, it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt taken seriously. Hypertension patients should not add extra salt to their meals and should reduce the amount of salt they consume daily. Second, they must exercise. Exercises should not be done in the form of muscle building, but rather in the form of exercises such as walking, running, tennis, aerobics and swimming. We recommend doing these for 20 to 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. We recommend limiting alcohol intake and quitting smoking. All these are important factors that can increase blood pressure. It is necessary to avoid obesity, take care not to gain weight, the biggest problem of today’s people is to move less and eat more calories. This causes high blood pressure. Hypertension patients should avoid obesity, quit smoking and reduce alcohol. Salt should be reduced and lots of exercise should be done.”

Medication should never be left unfinished.

Emphasizing that if high blood pressure has occurred and the doctor has started the drug, that drug should not be discontinued in any way, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “You need to lower your blood pressure somehow. How does blood pressure drop? It decreases with lifestyle changes and plus drug use. It is necessary to use it for life with the advice of a doctor, without stopping the drug,” he warned.

Excessive movement should be avoided in high blood pressure

Emphasizing that high blood pressure must be lowered, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “It is necessary to ensure that the blood pressure is constantly normal. It is important to follow the blood pressure control for life. Individuals with hypertension should follow their blood pressure at frequent intervals. Blood pressure should be measured after resting for five minutes and in a sitting position. At home, resting blood pressure should be measured at regular intervals. If the blood pressure is high, you should definitely consult a doctor. If the blood pressure has not reached normal levels, it is necessary not to do excessive activity, especially in very hot and very cold weather.

“Those who have high blood pressure problems even once in their life should definitely see a specialist,” said Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “If those who have blood pressure problems do not care about this, they may face very serious problems in the future. Hypertension is a serious and lifelong disease. If it is determined that the blood pressure is high and drug treatment is started, the treatment should continue for life. The drug is not released after using it once. “Those who stop taking their medicine without a doctor’s advice may experience great difficulties,” he said.

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