Lose Weight Fast! 8 Diet Tips That Burn Fat

The most important thing you need to do to get rid of your excess weight and have the image you dream of is to pay attention to your diet. The way to lose weight in a healthy way is to stay away from junk food and turn to healthy foods. It is useful to add regular exercise to your routine to ensure permanent weight loss.

Another important point is compensation. It is necessary to make up for missed days. For example, if you’ve been malnourished and drank alcohol the night before, you need to act immediately before your body stores these nutrients as fat. Consuming only vegetables and fruits a day after alcohol will make your job much easier while compensating for that night. And if you add movement to it, it will have positive effects.

While things to do may sound good, everyone is impatient when it comes to losing weight, and everyone wants immediate results. In this article, I wanted to share with you quick weight loss tips.

You must walk at a brisk pace for 1 hour every day.

We see that there is a big difference between those who do sports and those who do not. I suggest you walk for 1 hour every day. It is very important that these 1-hour walks are brisk. Because at the end of half an hour, your thermal heat starts to rise and your body starts to burn fat. You need to continue the fat burning that occurs after half an hour for 15-20 minutes.

Moreover, when you take your walks to an hour, you will see that approximately 350 calories have been burned. What I usually recommend is walking. Of course, if you do not have a walking area, you can also choose the gym. According to research, there is a fact that; Those who walk briskly for an hour every day and those who do sports achieve the fastest weight loss. When this is the case, if you want to lose weight fast, you must walk briskly for 1 hour.

You Must Eat Protein-Containing Foods Every Day

It is very important to take protein every day to increase muscle building and to work the muscles. Proteins of animal origin, in particular, have the effect of accelerating metabolism. If you do not want your metabolic rate to decrease, you should take care to consume healthy foods containing animal protein in a balanced way. These options include lean red meat, skinless chicken, turkey and fish, eggs and dairy products.

Sometimes I see that people consume only vegetables for lunch and dinner and maintain this order for a long time. This method may provide weight loss for 1-2 weeks, but then it can bring weight loss to a halt.

So, you should definitely choose the protein group for 1 meal every day. When choosing, please choose healthier boiling, grilling or baking methods instead of frying. There is also a vegetarian and vegan group that does not eat meat. Of course, there are no alternatives for them. If you are vegetarian; You can choose eggs and cheese. Even if you are vegan; You should definitely take care to consume legumes groups.

You Should Consume Yoghurt at Lunch and Dinner Meals

Yogurt should definitely be with your lunch and dinner meals. Yogurt is very good at balancing your blood sugar and prevents frequent hunger during the day. When your feeling of hunger subsides, you do not want to snack. Because the habit of snacking during the diet reduces the performance of weight loss. So while losing weight fast, yogurt will be our savior food. In addition, the calcium in yogurt accelerates fat burning and supports fat burning, especially around the belly.

For yogurt, I definitely recommend homemade yogurt. It is both more natural and richer in content. When this is the case, it provides a more beneficial effect in terms of intestinal health. Those who cannot make homemade yoghurt can prefer cream-free yoghurts from the markets.

You Should Consume 1 Bowl of Salad at Lunch and Dinner Meals

Since vegetables take up more space in our stomach in terms of volume, salads will provide satiety by inflating our stomach. Since excessive consumption will cause bloating and gas complaints, it is necessary not to overdo it. It is enough to consume 1 soup bowl of salad at lunch and dinner. If you add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to your salad, your intestinal motility will increase.

Since the calorie of the salad is almost non-existent, it accelerates the metabolism and provides more energy burning in the body. In addition to salad, you should definitely include a vegetable dish in one of the meals you consume during the day.

You Must Consume 2 Liters of Water During the Day

You should definitely consume 6-8 glasses of water during the day. In some months, this amount may decrease a little, so you need to consume at least 1.5 liters of water in winter and at least 2 liters in summer. The high water consumption means that the need for a sink becomes more frequent. When this is the case, the working speed of the metabolism increases. Research shows that; The expected level of water consumption during the day increases the metabolic rate by 5%.

We can say that 5% increase in your metabolic rate means that you eat 1 slice of bread incomplete during the day. In addition, since drinking water inflates the stomach, a feeling of fullness is perceived in the body. When they all come together, a reduction in calorie intake occurs.

You Must Have a Snack

The place of snacks in the diet process is very valuable. Having a snack both regulates your blood sugar and allows you to eat less at the next meal. Also, snacking makes you less hungry. Moreover, it also speeds up the metabolism.

You Should Avoid Foods Containing Simple Sugar

You should stay away from all packaged products that contain simple sugar. These foods both disrupt your blood sugar and increase the release of insulin, encouraging the body to constantly store fat. Since the consumption of these foods will make it difficult for you to lose weight, you should definitely remove these foods from your life. When you stop consuming these foods, you will support rapid weight loss.

You Should Prefer Natural Teas Like Green Tea

Which will speed up your metabolism during the day; You can choose herbal teas such as green tea, fennel, rosehip, chamomile and linden. Moreover, herbal teas reduce appetite. Drinking herbal tea will also prevent unnecessary calorie intake as it provides satiety in the body. You can get support from green tea to accelerate weight loss by increasing your bowel movements.

So, How Many Kilos Should You Lose per Month?

Weight loss depends on people’s metabolic rate, weight, and many other factors. For example, if you are 60-70 kilos, you can lose a maximum of 5 kilos per month. But I’m not counting the exceptions. Still, the healthiest is the loss of 3-5 kilos per month for 60-70 kilos. If you are over 100 kilos, then you can lose 7-8 kilos per month.

In any case, it is beneficial to have weight loss under the control of a specialist. Because wrong methods and applied shock diets are very harmful in terms of metabolism. It is not possible to maintain the weight lost above the ideal in shock diets. In addition, these methods often result in muscle loss. Not only that, but when you eat, the lost weight comes back immediately.

However, it is not easy to regain the weight lost with healthy and correct diets.

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