Long live maternity weights!

After giving birth, many mothers feel uncomfortable with the extra weight they gain during pregnancy. This is how beautiful it is


weights that make you say! After birth, the female body is reborn and all its cells are renewed. A woman is no longer just a woman, but also a MOTHER.

In the post-pregnancy period, many mothers reduce what they eat and adopt an unconscious diet. Detoxes, yoghurt cures, slimming teas, banana diets, hunger fasts… Every wrong feeding step results in cessation of breast milk, deterioration of milk quality, and insufficient nutrition of your baby. In short, you are unintentionally harming your baby.

I will say, my beautiful mothers, let’s not go on a diet. Let’s talk about how baby and I stay healthy by eating whatever we want!

I am healthy after giving birth too!

You gained your weight in a long period of 9 months, so why are you trying to lose it in as little as 1 month? Why should we race against time when we can lose weight while enjoying the postpartum period?

The mother’s body is so special that every time you take your baby in your arms and start breastfeeding, you unconsciously burn calories. Thanks to breastfeeding, your baby maintains his health with breast milk and you lose weight by spending energy in your sitting position. Imagine continuing this for at least 6 months, until your baby turns 2 years old. The result must have been great, right?

If we say, “Since breastfeeding burns weight, and my baby is growing, then come the foods/drinks that increase milk” and consume excessive sugar and fatty foods, we will gain weight, let alone lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, eating sugary foods does not increase your milk supply. Let’s not consume any food / drink that your doctor and dietitian does not recommend to increase your milk.

At the same time, I seem to hear you say how can I increase my milk and say goodbye to my weight. Let’s move on to delicious sweet recommendations for you!

– Increase your fluid intake, by consuming water, you will increase your milk and you will lose weight by accelerating your fat burning.

– Add your warm soups to your lunch and dinner meals, especially if we are in the winter months. Consumption of soup will both increase your milk yield and cause you to eat less at that meal by providing satiety.

– As we all know, proteins both increase fat burning and are indispensable for weight loss as they give a long-term feeling of satiety. Did you know that they also help increase breast milk?

– Milk and dairy products are indispensable in our lives. By taking protein, carbohydrates, fat, water and minerals at the same time, you will ensure your milk production and weight loss. If you or your baby complains of gas, you can choose lactose-free products.

– By consuming vegetables and fruits, which I call the pearls of all seasons, you can regulate your blood sugar, increase your milk, and help you lose weight by relaxing your digestive system. If you do not want to consume fruits as “fruit”, you can also consume them by making compote without adding sugar.

– By consuming 2-3 walnuts or 5-6 hazelnuts a day, you will be fed with healthy fats and increase the quality of your milk. Remember, OMEGA-3 is at the top of our favorite oils!

– Excessive consumption of processed foods such as salt, fries, roasts, caffeinated beverages, salami, sausage, sausage will both reduce your milk and reduce the quality of your milk. Consume such foods 1 day a week by including your favorite. So you can consume any food you love. As I always say, everything is free to us!

Sports are very important for your mental and physical health. Heavy sports secrete high amounts of lactic acid in your body, and the secreted acid can accumulate in your milk, causing a decrease in milk quality and gas complaints in your baby. Daily light-paced 30-minute walks are enough for you to do healthy sports.

Besides everything mentioned, glad you’re a mom! I wish you and your family a happy, peaceful and healthy life.

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