Loneliness Anxiety Forces Marriage

Family Couple and Marriage Therapist Specialist Psychologist Naciye Tokaç said in a statement about loneliness anxiety, “How can a person who is not created alone even in his existence endure the unbearable pain of loneliness. Loneliness; it means pain, sadness, unhappiness, not having someone to care about and value and being alone. Loneliness is perhaps the most painful condition one can experience in life. While loneliness is so difficult and unbearable for some people, it includes positive meanings such as peace, serenity, not being ruled by anyone, and no one’s interference in their lives for others.

Specialist Psychologist Naciye Tokaç said that loneliness is often a need for the person and that he needs to be alone at times, to rest, not to speak, and to be silent. Especially people who think about their future may feel loneliness more deeply and irreversibly. The individual who sends off his siblings and friends to the institution of marriage one by one, while his parents are getting old and may lose them over time; He is worried about being alone,” he said.
Stating that individuals who have anxiety about being alone, find the solution to be overcome by a good union, lover and spouse, Tokaç said, “In this way, the individual whose marriage desires intensify can look at many people he meets as a future wife. In a sense, it can be said that loneliness concerns force a person into marriage.

While marriage should be done when the maturity level of two adults reaches the level where they can share life with another person; Individuals with loneliness anxiety see marriage as a tool to relieve their anxiety. Individuals who get married due to loneliness concerns; while trying to relieve their own loneliness anxiety; They expect their partner not to make them feel alone. They expect their spouse to take care of them, to think about themselves most of the time, to meet their needs, and to participate in social activities jointly. These requests of some individuals become so much that; They may accuse their spouses of having private moments of their own, describing it as inappropriate behavior for marriage. They think that it is a requirement of marriage that they always want to do business with their spouses. Actually, the reason for this is; They got married so they wouldn’t be alone. When you want to reach your spouse at any time during the day; When she cannot reach him because of his wife’s meeting, he interprets this as being alone again, and develops thoughts that no one cares about him, and that he is alone even if he is his wife.

Loneliness anxiety is a psychological problem in itself and cannot be solved by marriage. Other psychological problems that the feeling of loneliness may be related to should not be ignored. Loneliness concerns, which can accompany many other problems such as depression, personality disorders, manic-depressive disorder (Bipolar) and family communication problems, cannot be resolved by anyone involved in the person’s life. I can say that people who have loneliness anxiety and want to get married in order to eliminate their loneliness will have a happier marriage in their marriage after they first solve their problems that cause the feeling of loneliness.

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