Loneliness is a painful and frightening emotion that people avoid facing it. The definition of loneliness differs from person to person. For example, while some define loneliness as living alone, some define it as isolation from society, while others define it as loneliness experienced as a result of being pushed and excluded by the environment. Of course, it is possible to reproduce these definitions, but the only thing that does not change is the person’s definition of all these as “loneliness”. People are often so afraid of being alone that they don’t even allow situations in their life where they need to be alone. For example, someone who has lost a loved one does not want to be alone, or when they are alone in the future, they find themselves doing things that have nothing to do with them. A newborn baby establishes a close relationship with its mother, tries to overcome this loneliness by establishing new friendships when it comes to childhood. they make an effort. A child who cannot see the love of his parents during childhood may have difficulty in establishing relationships with people around him in later years. Since it is already restrictive for adults to show their love for each other in our society, this may cause individuals to become lonely and continue their lives as introverted individuals in the future. People can create various defense mechanisms to eliminate this loneliness or not to think about it. For example, there may be situations such as eating constantly and excessively, buying something meaninglessly and constantly, watching movies or television one after the other, not being able to stop oneself from watching the window displays. Sometimes people have different periods of loneliness. In these periods, the goals and interests in their lives seem to be completely zero, and this may sometimes be perceived as an illness by the people around them.

The important point here is that every person may want to be alone from time to time. This desire can make him think more about himself, review his experiences and make inferences about what he does and does not want to do in his life, in short, how he wants to live his life. This desire to be alone or to be alone can completely isolate people from society or their own lives. In such cases, either the person must be aware of the underlying reasons for this desire or the attitudes of the people around him/her towards that person must be observed.

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