Living with Intense Anxiety Is Not Your Destiny!

Today, most of the people continue their lives by trying to cope with the intense anxieties they experience. While the things to do are swirling around in the minds of many, on the other hand, avoidance and avoidance behaviors emerge in order to compensate for the negativities that are felt and caused by the intense feeling of anxiety. Our body gives an alarm to this situation, and often due to intense anxiety, burning in the stomach, shortness of breath, weakness, etc. sensations arise.

Well, doesn’t it make you feel like you’re trapped too, experiencing exactly what we’re talking about every day, one after the other? ‘Will my life always go on like this?’ ‘Can’t I get rid of my intense anxiety?’ Do questions like these pop up in your mind? In general, the same question marks and thoughts arise in all individuals with anxiety disorder day after day. People feel so intense anxiety that they both lose awareness of the moment they live and have difficulty focusing on what they are going to do, and thoughts enter a vicious circle. Thus, the anxiety experienced is left more intensely for the next day, and with the passing of time, the person feels more helplessness.

Anxiety felt at the required rate allows us to take action and achieve gains in our lives. But experiencing this feeling disproportionately makes it very clear that there is a mechanism in our lives that needs to be fixed. Living with intense anxiety is not your destiny. Trying to cope with the wrong strategies against this feeling and the subsequent failure situation makes you think that this is your destiny. At this point, the problem is not the people or the emotions they experience. What is problematic is the proportion of emotion and the way people cope with this situation. The right coping strategies will always bring us the right results. In other words, the right processes are required for the right results. If you are also experiencing such situations, as a first step, apply to therapies where the right coping skills can be addressed. Do not forget that the treatment; It starts from the first moment you step in to get support.

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