Living with a Narcissist

If you live or have to live with someone who thinks he is the center all the time and everywhere, you are quite tired.

Narcissism is an important personality disorder that exhausts both the person and the people around him, which includes grandiose behaviors in order to compensate for the person’s self-worthlessness, in other words, to cope with this feeling. Narcissism may have epigenetic causes, but it is mostly caused by the negative experiences of the person in their childhood.

Basically, narcissists see themselves as so worthless that in order to cope with this worthlessness, they show themselves as the most valuable person to their environment and to themselves. We can examine narcissists in three groups.

The first of these nobel laureate they are narcissists. The narcissists in this group are so successful that the people around them always talk about their success. These people prepare special grounds for their success to be talked about. Diplomas, achievement awards, newspaper and magazine pages broadcast live in their orbits. It is impossible not to see his achievements in the atmosphere of that person. In the environments where these people are, however, the topic is always their success. Not all successful people are narcissistic. It’s easy to distinguish between a normal successful person and a Nobel laureate narcissist. The Nobel Prize-winning narcissist looks you in the eye to praise your success, whatever he does, brings the subject to their success. Normal successful people, on the other hand, talk normally when their success comes to the fore, and it’s over. Usually, normal successful people are humble and even uncomfortable and embarrassed when their achievements are talked about.

second group narcissists without borders creates. These people always attack the people around them, criticize, belittle, mock their surroundings in order to protect their core of worthlessness. However, you are normal, probably your partner’s symptoms have made you this way.

The third group is they are narcissists. Narcissists in this group are such good people that they cannot say no to anyone. They come to the aid of everyone, they do not fight with anyone, they have no choice but to say thank you to everyone. Not every person in good relationships is a donor narcissist. Being in good relations with the environment is a sign of health. Narcissists in this group also work hard to be seen and talked about. Each time, they tell their surroundings how much good they do and how good they are. If they do not receive thanks from the other party when they do a favor to someone, they will be very upset and they will definitely feel it.

The narcissist cannot stand to be disliked, criticized, not appreciated for his achievements, or not recognized for his beauty. In such cases, he will first worsen his relationship with you, and if he cannot get what he wants, he ends it.

If you live with such a person, as we said before, your job is quite difficult. Because, unfortunately, there is no treatment for personality disorders or it is very difficult. The symptoms of some personality disorders may decrease slightly after the age of forties.

If you are living with a narcissist, you must first know what type of narcissist they belong to. Getting detailed information about the characteristics of narcissists will make your life easier. Convincing a narcissist to therapy is often impossible. However, you can get professional help on how to behave.

It is often difficult to accept psychological disturbances. Because there is no visible cause. It is quite difficult to accept inside ourselves why he is doing this. However, it is easier to accept the disorders based on a physiological cause, since they can be observed.

You will be relieved to accept that narcissism is also a psychological disorder and to know that the narcissist is not doing this to inconvenience you. It is not meaningful to be angry with someone who has cancer, just as we cannot be angry with someone who has cancer because they have cancer.

exp. Ps. Erdal Usluer

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