Liquid face lift support around the eyes


Aesthetic surgeries around the eyes are performed for the treatment of sagging, bagging and deep folds of the skin around the eyes that occur over time.

Aesthetics around the eyes dominate the glitter of the pupil. Lively, dynamic, young, exciting, beautiful, mysterious, unconscious or attractive.. Meanings come to life in millimetric settings. Aesthetic surgery around the eyes is an operation with a high level of mystery and shine.

Sagging upper eyelids, which make us look tired, sad and older than we are by distorting the expression of our faces, can also block our vision by closing the front of the eye. The person tries to see by raising his eyebrows and wrinkling his forehead. Overuse of the forehead muscles can cause tension-type headaches. Eyebrow laxity and drooping of the upper eyelid create similar effects.

The structure defined as the Asian type eyelid is also quite common in our country. The upper eyelid does not have a lid fold groove. Therefore, the upper lid appears drooping and swollen. The downward displacement of the temple area reduces the outer parts of the eyebrows, giving the person the appearance of burnout. Dysfunction of the levator muscle, which opens the eyelid, leads to unconscious gaze.

Depending on the years or genetic profile in the lower eyelids, the anterior herniation of the adipose tissue causes bagging. Depending on the genetic structure, this condition can also be encountered at very young ages. Even the fact that the upper jawbone is behind and below where it should be increases the bagging situation. We adopt a conservative approach to removing excess, sagging skin and fat in lower eyelid surgery. Tightening the loosened skin in the upper outer vector and strengthening the connective tissue sheath in front of the adipose tissue should be the first choice. Thus, fat herniation is seriously reduced. However, if deemed necessary, the herniated fat mass is reduced by radio-frequency effect. Open surgery is not performed unless necessary.

If there are only fat bags on the lower lid, the fat bags are reduced by radio frequency with a hidden and invisible application inside the lid, without making an external incision. Thanks to the protective technique applied to the adipose tissues that carry the weight of the eye, the eye and its surroundings can maintain their youthful appearance for many years.

The eyelid is the perfect healing area of ​​our body. Surgical scars are hidden on the lower border of the eyelashes on the lower lid, and on the lid fold point on the upper lid. After six months, the patient will have difficulty finding traces. With a very meticulous bloodless application, a new fold place is created for the upper lid in its natural line. Generally, serious bruises are not seen after surgery. In a week, the edema regresses seriously. After five days, hidden stitches are removed. A few weeks after the operation, the scars become hardly noticeable.

The main problem in upper eyelid surgery is excessive skin accumulation. This picture can sometimes be caused by the accumulation of other anatomical layers. Meticulous, detailed drawing before the operation is very valuable. The optimum amount should be planned. Since the upper eyelid crease will be placed in the lid crease, the scars are hardly noticeable even when the eyes are closed, only when viewed very closely.

On the lower lid, an imperceptible trace remains just under the eyelashes, the continuation of the trace looks like a crow’s foot line on the outer edges. Eyelids are the least scarred part of the human body. After a year, it becomes impossible to understand the trace.

Liquid Face Lift Support for the Eye Contour
Aesthetics around the eyes is an operation with a high level of mystery and shine. It dominates the pupil’s brilliance. It changes the meaning of the gaze.

Preliminary work begins with genetic structure research. Eyelid, muscle strength, eyebrow structure, lid openings, upper lid drooping, temple aggregation, asymmetries, bagging, bone structure of the eyeball, aging skin agglomerations are examined.

Then, one of two surgical combinations around the eyes is chosen: “Four-vector” or “Six-Dimensional”. The combination of upper lid – lower lid – temple stretching – fat injection is called “Four-Vector Eye Surgery” and is performed under general anesthesia.

When skin rejuvenation and PRP treatments are added to this operation, the “Six-Dimensional Eye Surgery” plan comes into play. liquid face lift When supported with eye surgery procedures, these two aesthetic operations around the eyes give tired, sagging, dull faces the chance to recapture the youthful fire. The twinkle and meaning of the eyes increase.

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