The first thing to know about liposuction surgery is that this surgery is not a slimming but a shaping surgery. It is a very effective surgery for the fat in the waist and chest area in men, which cannot be melted by diet and sports, especially when there is regional fat in the person. In some cases, abdominal stretching is performed 6 months after liposuction in the abdominal region, while in some patients it can be combined with stretching and performed in the same surgery. Whether this operation is appropriate or not is a situation that will be decided after the physical examination of the person. It is an operation that can be applied comfortably in the hip region, especially in the abdomen, double-chin, bagel region and as seen in most women sitting at the desk. “Will there be lubrication again? “It is one of the most common questions. The fat cells taken from the area cannot multiply again. For example, if you have five fat cells and three of these fat cells are removed, the remaining two fat cells expand in volume when you gain weight, so there is no increase in the number of cells as can be seen from the example. Therefore, liposuction does not increase lubrication, but it does not prevent you from gaining weight; Since the number of fat cells is reduced in the area where liposuction is performed, it causes the fat to be stored widely in the body. The medications given after the surgery will relieve your pain. In liposuction surgeries, the person can continue his daily life after 3 days at the earliest, you will feel better if you rest for a week. You will have edema after the operation and this situation will decrease day by day and take its final form after 6 months. You will need to use a corset for 4 weeks after the operation.

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