Liposuction is a method of vacuuming excess fat by breaking it down inside the body. neck, abdomen, waist,
It can be applied to all areas where fat tissue is dense, such as back, arms, hips, hips, legs. Elastic
While it gives very good results on the skin, it is not enough on its own in case of skin laxity and it reduces the stretching of the skin.

How is the operation done?
Small incisions are made in areas with fat density and tubes are placed there. Then the oils
It breaks down in the body and is vacuumed up. In recent years, vibrolipo, vaser and laserlipo in liposuction process
innovations such as With the use of laser (Accusculpt, Smartlipo, Slimlipo) fats are reduced in the body more.
easy fragmentation.

If it is to be done in small areas, local anesthesia, in larger areas, numbing with the drug to be taken from the vein and
local anesthesia is used. When done in addition to skin stretching and in different areas at once
General anesthesia is preferred when applied.

What is the Treatment Period?
After the operation, the patient is usually discharged on the same day. Application in different and wide areas
If it is done, it would be helpful to stay in the hospital overnight. After the operation, a special corset or
An elastic garment-socks that wraps around the body is worn. In this way, while it is easier to move, edema is reduced.
In the first period, bruising, swelling and numbness are seen in the area where the fat is removed, but this is temporary. First
week, no change is seen due to edema and weight loss is not perceived. Edema dissipates in the second week, 4-6
Within a week, the results will be determined at the p rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does liposuction cause deformity in the body?
If the skin is elastic after vacuum removal of the fat, tightening is easily achieved and deformity is achieved.
is not seen. If the skin is not elastic, stretching should be applied.

What if I gain weight again?
Liposuction is performed on areas of the body that store fat. These are those with fat accumulation in weight gain.
are parts. Liposuction reduces fat storage. In other words, the person does not pay attention to his diet after the procedure.
and if he gains weight again, fat deposition occurs in general rather than in the treated areas and weight gain
spreads more evenly throughout the body.

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