Liposuction, in its simplest terms, is like a vacuum cleaner sucking the hairs on the sofa.
Just as the vacuum cleaner sucks the hairs but does not tear the seat, so does the vacuum tool in liposuction.
It is a device that absorbs and discharges fat without damaging the muscles, vessels and nerves.
Liposuction is not a method that weakens overweight people. Slimming the body by putting it in a machine
There is no such function.
It is a process that destroys excess fat. The body is entered through a tiny hole, just like electricity.
oils are absorbed like a vacuum cleaner.

For Regional Surpluses
In the operation, a wound is formed inside the body as big as the area worked. Therefore, from top to bottom
It is applied only in regional excesses, not in the whole body.
“No matter how much weight I lose, my hips do not get thinner, the fat in my belly does not go away” or
It is the ideal solution for those who say “I can’t get rid of the fat pads in my knees”.
For those who say “I don’t want to do diet and sports, I want to lose weight with liposuction”
It is not a suitable method.

Oily Areas Are Equalized
Excess fat under the skin is removed with liposuction.
Let’s say you have 3 inches of fat on your waist, 3 inches on your knees, and 3 inches on your chest.
The thickness of the fat is 3 cm, but the thickness of the fat on your hip is 9 cm.
Diet as much as you want, 3 places go down to 2, 9 places go down to 8, same level
they don’t come. It always stays thicker there.
This is because the number of fat cells in that area is higher than in other parts of your body.
that is.
In this case, what needs to be done is to remove the excess fat cells from 9 cm to 3 cm.
is to do. We never try to make zero. We equate it with other parts of the body.

You Can Gain Weight Again
A misconception that “the fat removed with liposuction will never come back because they were thrown away”
there is. But if you don’t do sports or diet, if you eat a lot, you will gain weight.
The doctor may say to you, “The fat here will never come back.” But if you don’t pay attention
You can also gain weight.
Because saying “You will not gain any more fat in that area” is different from saying “You will never gain weight”.
are things. The doctor says that fat will not accumulate in those areas as it used to be.

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