Absorption of fats and removal from the body with the help of cannulas inserted into the body through a small hole
process. In our body, belly, hips (basins), legs, knees, waist sides, back area, ankles,
It is successfully applied in areas such as arms and under the chin. The number of fat cells in the adult body
is fixed. With weight gain, the number of cells does not change, only the size of the cell changes. liposuction surgery
It is not a weight loss method.

Removal of deposits that cannot be reduced with sports and diet, removal of protrusions and deformities and
It is aimed to correct the body shape. The fat cells that have increased in volume are removed and thus the existing fat
The number of cells is also reduced. Local anesthesia, sedation, depending on the area to be operated
anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. Before the area to be oiled
A prepared solution is given that both reduces bleeding and facilitates fat removal. More
Then the adipose tissue is pulled out with the help of vacuum with thin cannulas. The amount to be taken safely is 3-5 liters.
More measures should be taken. Depending on the amount taken, the person can be discharged on the same day or a
You can stay in the hospital for a day.

A corset should be worn for 4-6 weeks after the operation. After the operation, the pain is not very severe.
It can be controlled with painkillers. There will be bruising and swelling. Fluctuations in liposuction areas
it could be. Some of these can be corrected with LPG or lymph drainage after the operation.
If the amount to be taken is too much, two or three sessions should be planned.

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