Liposculpture is the artistic touch of plastic surgery on the human body.


Liposculpture is a combined operation in which aesthetic surgery can be applied to every problematic part of the body. Liposuction, lipofilling and shaping methods are applied together with the help of micro cannula injectors whose pressure can be adjusted. Micro cannula injectors, which allow to reach even the most difficult points, give the aesthetic surgeon the opportunity to shape in millimeters.

Liposculpture is the artistic touch of plastic surgery to the human body. We can also call it organic sculpture. The most precious tissue we have is the wonderful oils under our skin that cover our nakedness. It reflects the details of our muscles by softening them. It provides the tension and smoothness of our skin. It creates our masculine or feminine lines. We must not lose our conservatism in order to preserve the homogeneity of this cover. We must learn to take a long-term view of the form of our body. The amount of oil that will loosen the skin and cause sagging should be avoided. It should not be forgotten that excessive weight loss and fat removal in advanced ages will damage tissue laxity.

We really believe that physical form will be preserved and the quality will be increased by doing sports. Sport is a miracle. Do not let go and stubbornly ask him for help for the beauties he will bring to your body. You will be surprised at what you can achieve. The fat stored in the waist, hips and other areas is quite stubborn and is the last place to melt and remain stable even in times of famine. We see that sports will be beneficial in this war, but unfortunately, it is not always successful and not successful for everyone. At this point, we have a powerful treatment opportunity such as Liposculpture in shaping bodily storage fat. Afterwards, you will continue on your way with sports and healthy nutrition.

Male or female, the target is to achieve the ideal form suitable for body anatomy. When we think of the surface of our body as a topographic plane, the recesses and protrusions that we will call plains, mountains and valleys are reshaped according to the anatomical structure.

If the right technique and the right patient are selected, there will be no undulation (fluctuations) after the Liposculpture treatment. We think that it is important to be preferred at young ages to achieve better results. With the advancing age, sagging in the skin structure and deterioration of the homogeneity of the fat layer increase. This will reduce the success we can achieve. In addition to micro techniques, Laser liposuction treatments have been used more and more in recent years, and laser technology supports the treatment by increasing tissue tightness. It treats sagging by shortening the length of the vertical connective tissue fibers between the skin and the muscle sheath. It also has a similar effect under the skin. Technological support is gradually increasing with radio frequency, laser and ultrasonic energies. Combined treatments for these have also begun to be produced. We choose the technique we will do according to the patient’s age, skin quality, and the area to be treated.

We achieve successes that we cannot achieve with classical techniques, especially with Laser liposuction. With new energies and vibrating machines, we can get the oils that we cannot melt with classical techniques without damaging the outside. As the machine lane widens, our success quality also increases.

After liposculpture operations (during sitting and standing up), the pain caused by compression lasts for a few days, and the edema period, which starts on the second day and reaches its maximum level on the fourth and fifth days, then descends rapidly, allowing the form to appear in about a month. It takes months for the body form to settle completely.

It is recommended to wear a corset or compression stockings for three or four weeks. LazerLipo and other techniques have shortened the corset time. For small areas, this period is shortened to 7 days. There are no serious and widespread bruises. It is possible to return to work life after a few days of rest. Along with helping to lose weight, it also helps the person to gain a good body form.

Fat tissue taken from the body with liposuction is valuable. Every day, publications describing the miracle of fat are growing exponentially. When we look for face lifts under the impressive presentations of scientific meetings, we are impressed when we see that the treatment is only fat injections. Why? Fat carries many tissue products and factors that we know and have not yet been named. It meets with the vascular network again in the area where it is given and continues its vitality. It sheds the light of life energy and beauty with the special materials it brings with it to its new place. Subcutaneous fat compartments glow with this light. Elastic and collagen fibers are tightened. It’s getting intense. Fats that are displaced or melted down by gravity are transferred to their new places and become alive. Empty line gutter lines are refilled. Losses are made up. The movie wraps up. Face and body stand up. This revival lasts for many years. We can call this organic doping. This treatment should not be limited to the face area only. It can be planned on the whole body surface. Supporting the butt, calf, breast area, and treatment of all fluctuations can be counted.

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