Lip filler

Lips are the most important structure of our face in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The mucous part, which gives the lips their color and wetness, is the main element that shows the lips.

The skin, which connects the lips to the external environment and the surrounding structures, creates muscles, fat and connective tissues between these two tissues that make the lip both function and look full or weak. The appearance of the lips, which is one of the most remarkable places on the face, is very important. For the aesthetic appearance of the lips, in addition to being anatomically normal, the harmony and ratio of the chin, nose and facial structures with each other should be balanced.

The full lip look is like a symbol of youth, beauty and beauty. Over time, the estrogen hormone in the body decreases and the lips become thinner. Of course, there are those who are naturally thin lips from birth and are not very happy about it.

Lip aesthetics is preferred by those whose lips are structurally thin or thinned over time and who want to strengthen the youthful expression on their face.

Lip thickening can be done in 3 ways.

1- Lip augmentation procedures, the use of togenic substances;

It is a thickening process made by taking tissue from the person’s own body. Adipose tissue injections, dermal and fascial tissue implantation.

2- Lip thickening procedures using permanent prostheses.

3- Lip thickening processes using filling materials.

Each of these methods may have some advantages and disadvantages over the other.

Lip thinning is a surgical application. Requires operating room conditions under local anesthesia. There may be some edema or bruising in the first days after the surgery. It reaches an acceptable size in a few days.

Both lip thickening and lip thinning are sometimes performed on both the upper and lower lips. Sometimes only the upper or lower lip may be thin or thick and only one of them needs intervention.

Thickening or thinning the lips makes very positive contributions to facial aesthetics and makes the person feel much better.

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