Light Eyes

The skin in the under eye area is the thinnest (thinner than cigarette paper) and sensitive skin of our body. Eyeball the size of a ping-pong ball; located inside the eye socket. The lymph and blood flow of the eyeball flow into the nose. In circulatory problems, allergic individuals, chronic diseases, nasal bone curvatures, stenosis or genetic conditions; The lymph and blood circulation of the eyeball is disrupted, and problems such as under-eye bags, bruises and sagging occur. As the age progresses, the complaints become more frequent.
Today, “light eyes” application is considered as the most effective method in medical circles for problems such as bruising, bagging and looseness under the eyes.

Light eyes application is carried out by micro-injection technique into the under-eye skin. Depending on the condition of the under-eye bruise, bagging and skin laxity, the application is performed in 3-4 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks.

Thanks to the intense vitamin K of Light eyes, bruises are reduced, thanks to Gingko biloba, the circulation of the skin improves, the under-eye bags are reduced and your under-eyes are tightened with its intense peptide content, thus you get rid of your tired, old expression and you have a fresh, young and dynamic look. Light eyes application is not a filling technique, it is an application to treat problems under the eyes.

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