Life is like a chessboard…

Life is like a chessboard. The white parts are your positive thoughts and feelings, the black parts are the negative ones.

As we move forward in our life journey, we try to move the white pieces to the opposite side and clear the black pieces. But the problem is that there are an unlimited number of black and white pieces.

No matter how many black pieces you clean, there will always be more. Also, the white parts attract the black parts. You move the white piece forward, “I’m a good parent,” and that instantly pulls the black piece, “No, you’re not. How you yelled at your child the other night!” In this way, you can continue your life in a struggle that will waste a lot of time and energy and that you cannot win.

Or alternatively you can learn how to be like a chessboard. What does it mean? The chessboard is in a relationship with all the black and white pieces, but does not participate in this struggle. We have a side that works just like this chessboard.

By taking a step back from the struggle with your thoughts and feelings, you can give them room to move.

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