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We are shaped in our mother’s womb from the oranges that our father ate a lot. Consider it a bit like our personal BIG-BANG…

One of the most serious problems during the formation of the quantum theory was the concept of TIME before this explosion. Similarly, the issue of time is also important in the special Big Bang of man.

The child in the womb has no concept of time. Because all the stimuli of the outside world and the obligatory responses to them are made by the vascular bonds between the child and the mother. There is an amnioric fluid behind, that’s all…

This is how the child acquires nutrition, breathing and all other similar needs. This state, which we may think that the time has expired, can actually open many ways for us to heal / cure due to its neurophysiological structure.

In most cases where we are difficult, distressed, physically attacked or psychologically collapsed, we assume the fetus position. Could it mean that we re-enter the amniotic fluid and take shelter from all the filth / evils of the past and the uncertainties of the future, in the timelessness where our mother unwillingly, unwillingly fulfills all our wishes?

In the studies on NASA’s space shuttles, it was determined that the alpha rhythm in the EEGs of the astronauts decreased completely with the effect of zero electromagnetic field. Hallucinations such as LSD produce a similar effect. The disorder of time perception in schizophrenic patients has been known for a long time.

For this reason, such psychological diseases can be used as a treatment method of immobility in time / space called CATATONIA (Freezing).

The fact that we use the Andylation system and the AVE (Avdio visual entraintment) system together in our Holistic Neurotherapy studies is somewhat related to this… However, we think that the results can be more positive if the system is performed in a special room where all electromagnetic stimuli are eliminated.

In the meantime, we would like to ask our readers to read our article about Volvox.

The birth of Volvox is the birth of death. In Volvox, the cell, which actually carries the immortality potential of a single cell, has renounced many of its properties for the whole. Nutrition, division, etc. However, the whole that has formed has now become much more powerful in terms of evolution.

Compare this with: A worker ant sacrificing myself for the future of the whole… Full compliance with Darwin’s principles of evolution… “not being oneself”, being a part of the whole… That doesn’t sound nice, does it? We can think of it as a kind of suicide. But this time again, there is a fall against Darwin’s principles. All living things tend to accept the outside world as an enemy and protect themselves.

Let’s examine this two-pronged event with 2 different interpretations;

Serotonin (neurotransmitter) level is troubled in patients with suicidal DEPRESSION… Seratonin’s staying in synapses after it has finished its function triggers depression. This job was undertaken by 5_HIAA(5_Hydroxy Indole Acetic Acid). 5_HIAA level is low in the research done in depression patients ! (It is a serious mistake to think that the solution to the suicides has been found from a sociobiological point of view, it is just an important discovery and needs long-term research)

Let’s move on to the second comment. Starting from Voluox, one of the basic and powerful tendencies in humans is to relate, to belong to a species.

However, in psychotic cases such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, and schizophrenia, a serious tendency to “Stay Alone” is observed. This can also be called introversion. This situation reminds us of the aforementioned urge to reach the loneliness of the fetus in the amniotic fluid.

The woman announcer says on the Marriage Program;

“I could not establish EMPATHY with the gentleman, our electricity did not match!”

Everyone is trying to empathize with each other… but we talked about something else above. The concept of empathy is actually contrary to the biological protection system! Contrary to the whole defense mechanism of the body…

We think that the happiest ones in this regard are autistic children. Because the most specific feature of autism is lack of empathy.

The autistic child, who has a zero output in empathy, is also in the zero position in time, that is, he has never been separated from the womb. Let’s look at the issue of sometimes thinking (not resetting!) communication with the outside world from another angle. In depression and bipolar disorder, electrophysiophobic disturbances resemble epilepsy. However, seizures take psychological rather than physiological forms.

In epilepsy try to induce a forced seizure, put an electrode on the epileptic focus ; warn. The electrical level required for the seizure will gradually decrease. So much so that the patient begins to have seizures even if no electrical stimulation is given.

Therefore, reducing the level of Stimulus used in psychotherapy in depression and bipolar disorder (for example, it may not be very reasonable to ask the patient who constantly thinks that he will get tetanus due to rust, therefore washing everything down, to lower the level. Just like in epilepsy, this mild stress situation can also act as a stimulant.)

One of the most interesting issues related to individual-species conflict is the sense of Smell. The secretion of odor is called mes….pheromone. Pheromones are species specific. It is effective in behaviors such as reaching sexual maturity and confiscating any area. (Scalp, breast, …, anus, scrotum, penis root, around the vagina and under the armpit androsthene hormones are produced)

Although we cannot recognize one million air molecules to detect the smell of freshly baked bread in humans, some studies suggest that this is not as effective in other living things as it is in other living things. It is a theory that we do not shell.

So much so that serious studies are being carried out on the transmission of viruses to the brain via smell in Polioosecaly (polio), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Our next article will be on communication and speech disorders (DYSLExia and others).

Neurophysis Duru Hakan KARABacak

Biologist / 13.08.2019

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