Liberation from vaginismus

What is Vaginismus?

vaginismus; It is the problem of making sexual intercourse impossible or painful as a result of the contraction of the muscles surrounding the outer part of the vagina during sexual intercourse.

The woman, who is panicked by the violence of the contractions and fear, may push her partner during the intercourse and close herself completely to the relationship. These behaviors may be perceived by the spouse as if he does not want the relationship or as if he is consciously closing himself to the relationship. However, the contractions are completely involuntary and it is not in the hands of the woman to relax.

Women with vaginismus problems think that their vaginas are too small to accommodate the penis or that there is no vaginal entrance, or they think that the hymen is too thick and that they will have great difficulty in sexual intercourse attempts. These are erroneous thoughts caused by the appearance of the vaginal muscles as if they are closed to the entrance when they are in a state of spasm. In reality, there are no physical barriers for women with vaginismus to experience sexuality in their bodies; genitalia are completely normal.

Women with vaginismus have a sexual desire for acts other than intercourse, may experience arousal and enjoy sexual intimacy. However, if vaginismus continues for a long time, interest in sexuality may disappear completely.

What is the cause of vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a psychological problem, except in very rare cases.

Faulty thoughts and negative conditioning in the subconscious cause this problem. Lack of information or hearsay misinformation leads to false beliefs and perception of sexual intercourse as scary and painful.

Negative emotions and thoughts in vaginismus are usually not easily visible, so they need to be investigated in detail.

Inadequate sexual education, being brought up with strict moral values, perceiving sexuality as a shame, sin, and dirty thing, being under the influence of false information about the hymen or sexual intercourse, high level of anxiety, fear of getting pregnant, negative sexual experiences, bad childhood life or troubled parent relationship, overly controlled personality traits, emotional attachment difficulties, lack of trust and communication problems with spouse are common causes.

Vaginismus Treatment and Applications in your Center;

vaginismus; It is treated with “sexual therapy”, which includes cognitive-behavioral methods.

It cannot be treated with any medication or operation.

Effective treatment of vaginismus is possible by addressing both the mind and the body. It is aimed to clear the mind from negative conditioning and anxiety towards sexuality and to make the body accept and enjoy vaginal entry.

Sex Therapy is applied.

During the Sex Therapy process, a detailed evaluation interview is conducted at the beginning. It is aimed to identify the person’s/couple’s lack of sexual knowledge and erroneous learning and to eliminate them first.

The sexual and non-sexual relationships and interactions between spouses are understood and approaches are made to ensure cooperation and harmony between them.

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