Let’s Talk About Happiness

If I ask what is happiness, everyone will answer differently. The answer is individual, personal, but it is also what we most desire in life. Numerous books have been written on it, it has been the subject of seminars, and it is a subject that the psychology literature has studied extensively. So the answer is never certain, of course. Maybe I can just grab it from the shore and write about speaking, announcing and healing, that’s all!

When we think of being happy, the opposite of pain comes to mind. If there is happiness, there is no pain, if there is pain, there is no happiness. We feel like the two could never exist together. The fact that we cannot reach happiness without pain is the most basic dynamic of the spiritual process. How can we say that there is no pain when we cry until we come into contact with our mother in our first moment of existence, that is, even at birth? Where there is pain, there is happiness. We just need to embrace the pain. We have a chance to heal and heal when our souls and wounds are most sore. Our body shows us the source of our soul to happiness. Only if we look at pain like this can true happiness come. Something is guiding us when our hearts are beating fast, our bodies are aching and our souls are getting dark. Here is bleeding and see, see, think, think, realize, realize, get well, get better so that you can be happy…

Isn’t it the opposite of what we know? Happiness has always been taught to us to be positive, not focus on the negative, not talk about the negative. That would be sweeping it under the rug. What a happiness when your carpet is overflowing with dirt and rust!

The first way to be happy is to be hurt, to feel pity. Every bleeding issue gives us a chance to see and digest it. We will take the first road to happiness with what we digest.

So what is the second way? Of course, this is different for everyone. I will only describe the second way clinically, psychologically and as a human being. “Creating-producing”. Let’s think about our most basic impulses; eg birth. Why do we give birth? Let’s think about the evolutionary continuation of the species, leaving aside. For 9 months, we feed a living thing inside us, our pain, nausea, etc. A lot of things happen in our body. Unfortunately, not all of them are very pleasant matters. Or why do men want children?

Producing or creating as much as we can in life is one of the important ways to happiness. For this reason, birth is also important for people. Because it is the biggest issue of creation. This does not mean that we must give birth or have children to be happy, never! I just want to say and point out the importance of producing for people. Producing and creating in all these life conditions makes us happy. Writing an article, taking part in an association, dedicating yourself to street animals, writing a project, raising children, producing songs, making movies, growing plants, etc. The matter of producing a herd is important to happiness. As man creates and produces, he gets better. Because everything we produce is related to us, it is related to our wounds. For this reason, not every person takes part in the production stages in the same direction. The courage to create keeps one in the moment, causes to take action in line with his wounds, heals him. In order to stay healthier in life, it is very important to create and produce for healing.

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