Let’s Synthesize Vitamin D by Sunbathing!

Vitamin D is so popular lately!! As a result of the researches, it was determined that its deficiency is not only related to bone-joint diseases but also to cancer, obesity and diabetes. Its nutritional sources are very few. It is found in egg yolk and fish bone, which is necessary for its synthesis in the body! When we look at the synthesis of vitamin D in our body in our country where the sun shines almost every day, the situations are quite complicated.

  • Our skin color, the decrease in the precursor that is effective in vitamin D synthesis with age, the way we dress, our body system, the diseases we have (such as fat absorption disorders – celiac, chron’s, cystic fibrosis), the creams we use, the angle of incidence of sun rays in our country are effective in the synthesis of vitamin D in our body.

  • When we look at the data, sunbathing under direct sunlight between 10.00-15.00 without using protective cream between May-November, and eating healthy are suitable times for synthesizing vitamin D. What about other times?

  • Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is stored in our body, and too little or too much harms our body. Our vitamin D values ​​need to be checked by our doctor on a routine basis.

  • Vitamin D supplements should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. In other words, we should not take into account the fact that people who play doctor recently said pour 1 ampoule of vitamin D on a piece of bread and eat it.

  • Vitamin D has a say in bone health along with calcium! In other words, we cannot protect ourselves from osteoporosis by consuming only milk and dairy products. Our vitamin D levels should also be in the normal range.

  • Its deficiency causes unhappiness as it affects the secretion of serotonin hormone in people. With low energy, it can be a cause of unhappiness and fatigue.

  • People with low levels of vitamin D and B12 are at increased risk of forgetfulness and related diseases.

  • It has been observed that the vitamin D levels of people who cannot lose weight, start to gain weight suddenly, have insulin resistance, and have diabetes are very low!

  • The contribution of vitamin D to the immune system is strong and to prevent the proliferation and growth of cancer cells!

  • Since it works with calcium, it has a say in the absorption of calcium in the body and in weight loss! You ask why? Calcium is effective in fat burning metabolism and vitamin D is necessary for its use in the body!

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