Let’s not take the symptoms from the children

Before their language skills develop, children express their emotions with bodily symptoms. The baby cries, the mother changes diapers, the baby cries, the mother breastfeeds. Expressing our feelings, emotions and experiences with bodily symptoms is something we learn while we are still in the womb. We also express our feelings, which we notice or do not notice, with bodily symptoms. It is also the pacification, discharge, and expression of the experienced emotion.

Those who wet themselves, bite their nails, pull their hair, get sick a lot, suck their fingers, etc. Children who show symptoms such as these also express their feelings to us bodily. “DEAR PARENTS/TEACHERS/ADULTS IN THE OVER WORLD There are feelings inside me that I cannot describe, I cannot make sense of these feelings, these feelings are too much for my little body and soul, you understand me with these symptoms.” says guys.

We should not look at these symptoms of children as troublesome situations that we need to get rid of as soon as possible, but as the child has something that he wants to express to us. Applying bitter nail polish to the hands of a nail-biting child is familiar to everyone. What are we doing with this behavior? We take the language that the child says he feels something, from his hand. Bodily symptoms are the language of the child. We should not take the symptoms from the hands of children. This is both the child’s language of expression and the process of regulating the child’s emotions. We not only take away the child’s language of expression, but also destroy the way he finds to regulate his emotions. We never focus on what the child is going through, we don’t think about it.

Nail biting and bedwetting problems are very common in the pediatric clinic. All the parents I’ve seen so far have brought their children to make these symptoms disappear. No parent does this to my child, but I wonder why? He didn’t ask because I want to know why. All you want is the disappearance of these symptoms. How much injustice do we do to our children, how much we do not hear, we do not think about it. While we show endless interest and compassion to the guests who come to our house, why do we treat these little guests who have just come to our house for a few years, who have only been in our world for a few years?

There are many methods in the psychology literature so that the physical symptoms of children disappear. While the whole psychology literature has been searching for a way to eliminate the physical symptoms of children for years, they have only recently begun to wonder what these symptoms mean.


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