Let Your Baby Enjoy Getting to Know the World

Babies 3–4. They start to deal with objects from the first month. They try to recognize what the object is. In this period, the organ used to recognize objects is the mouth. That’s why all babies put whatever they can into their mouths. From the 9th month onwards, they show more conscious interest in objects, push objects and try to show them when asked. Around the age of 1, they begin to recognize objects from their pictures and show pictures from a book.

In this development process, it is necessary to give the baby the opportunity to take the objects to his mouth and touch them after the necessary safety measures are taken for him to know the world and explore his environment. From the 3rd month onwards, visiting parts of the house, explaining what is happening in each room, introducing the items in the room one by one, allowing them to touch them not only help the baby recognize objects, but also accelerate language development.

Around the age of 1, games such as showing objects together with their pictures, making the sounds of objects such as animals and vehicles, explaining what things do, such as “this table, we are eating at the table”, “we are drinking water with this glass, this glass” can be played around the age of 1.

Creating various situations for him to recognize not only indoor objects, indoor objects, but also outdoor objects makes it fun for the baby to explore the world. When going out, the baby will enjoy showing the trees, flowers and giving them the opportunity to touch them. Showing the animals and vehicles you see on the street to the baby and making their sounds will attract the baby’s attention. Putting their feet in the sea, touching the sand, sitting on the grass will support the baby’s visual and tactile learning.

While playing with toys and introducing objects, not only naming them but also telling them their colors and shapes supports both language and conceptual development of the baby.

Suggestions for Parents:

  • You can support auditory learning by giving sound toys and making the sounds of objects.

  • You can put colorful soft objects on the edge of the bed and have them look at them, touch them and explore them.

  • You can introduce colors by showing different colors of an object (for example, “throw your blue ball, give your red car”)

  • You can ask him to show familiar objects from books.

  • You can introduce objects from touch, audiobooks.

  • You can ask him to show the objects he sees in the book on himself, on his toys or on his belongings.

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