Let there be love…

Let it be “LOVE”….

I felt your longing, your absence, your absence, like a fire burn, with such pain in the flesh of my heart.
By multiplying,
working more and more deeply. It was so unbearable.
I could strangle you to get rid of you
because I love you so much…

Is love something that burns the soul and body, as the poet states, and traps it? Or is it the cure for the pain we suffer while searching for our selves lost in the solitude of city life? Maybe it’s a fancy word for the reproductive instinct required for the survival of the Human race. Or love is an object that capitalism offers to consume in societies that have not been sufficiently modernized…

Much has been said, written and spoken to understand and make sense of love. What is Love Really? How is it lived?

When a person is happy, he gets stuck between his mind and heart. While experiencing the most beautiful despair in the world, she smiles at the possibility of her dreams coming true. A person’s life is no longer the sum of the breaths he takes, but the sum of the moments that take his breath away.
Experiencing love is something that no one can escape from and that one encounters at some point in his life and gives up on being himself. It’s fate, it’s sorrow . Love begins with arousal. Like a tortoise in its shell, a person awakens by being urged by intense emotions, which are an external factor. In fact, with the need to meet the desire and the feeling of lack that is felt very deep inside, people unconsciously wait to wake up, not knowing that what will come is love. That’s why love is what one brings from childhood. the need to integrate and become one It is actually an emotion that results from Lovers describe this situation as follows: ‘The heart is beating anyway, the one who can change the rhythm is a lover.
Born from the sea, in foam, with a necklace of pearls around his neck Venus is a symbol of love and is often depicted looking at himself with a mirror in his hand. In this depiction, sea represents undissociated life energy and unexplored depths. In the sea, all lives become one as in the illusion of love. Pearl is the only jewel created by a living thing, which has been among the precious ornaments for centuries. With its soft and sweet sparkles, pearl is used in almost every language as a word synonymous with beauty, love, purity, innocence and high value. The pearl occurs primarily in oysters, scallops and some mussel species. These are crustaceans from the class of mollusks that live in the seas. Here, these creatures begin to form covers around them in order to render harmless a foreign substance that enters their soft bodies. Thus, the isolated foreign matter thickens over time and takes a round shape with various layers. These layers of sheaths that develop mostly inside the oyster pearl are layers. The pearl is the spherical formation of all of these layers. In love, it is formed just like pearls, another person and his feelings enter the soul of a person like a foreign substance and become valuable and indispensable over time. Lovers see themselves in the mirror of each other’s eyes, find their missing pieces, like the undifferentiated life force of the sea, they want to integrate their separated souls, they realize a different world. This realization has a pearly sheen and blinds the eye. Because ‘Love is blind!’ they say. The color and brilliance of the pearl is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when the layers below reflect and refract light. Just as the value of a pearl is measured not only by its striking natural shimmer, but also by its unique value, the value of love is measured by the lovers’ own values ​​and the sparkles in their eyes. Just as the value of a pearl is measured by the flatness of its shape as well as reflecting the light, the value of loves is measured by the smoothness of the characters of the lovers. Just as the color of the pearl depends on the type of oyster, the quality of the salt the water contains, the depth and temperature of the water, the color of love also depends on the depths of the lovers. Just as pearls are usually white, ivory, pink or light rose, they can be bluish or even black. It is colorful in love, but mostly red and turquoise. Just as the mother-of-pearl layer covering the inner surface of the oyster’s shell must be bright, smooth and clean in color for a precious pearl, lovers must be pure and innocent for the quality of love. Because the unbearable weight of falling in lovehas.
They asked Mevlana How should ‘dear’ be?’saying; ‘He should love you even when there’s no one to love. He should hug you even when there is no one to hug, he should hold on to you even when you are irresistible.’He said… Mevlana described true love. ‘Blow my heart like a breeze tonight, let the moonlight hit your trembling skin without me, helplessly as the moonlight hugs my glass, and you drink blood and blood to my honor!’make you say real love,like real pearls; ‘I love you, my heart is entrusted to you, take care of him!’means. false loveif culture pearl like this. In the 1800s, the Japanese attempted to develop ways to obtain more and cheaper pearls from oysters. Today, as a reflection of the consumer society, the production of cultured pearls has become a major industry in Japan. To obtain a cultured pearl, a small, round piece of mother-of-pearl is placed inside a live oyster. Then these are lowered onto the beds from the net laid on the bottom and left there for 3-5 years. Thus, the pearls formed in the oyster are both numerous in number and are formed in a short time, but they are not as valuable as real pearls and the best ones can only be distinguished from real pearls by experienced eyes. It has started to be like a culture pearl in current loves. Intimacy that starts in the virtual world, in bars or cafes is seen as love, and fake love can seem like real love from the outside. True love is a matter of the heart, while false love is a matter of the mind.Shams-i Tabrizi describes this situation as follows: ‘Do not think that love is a matter of reason, laugh that it is the guide of every heart, it brings some joy with its scent, and guides others with its thorns!’Mevlana says that love must first fall into the heart and says ‘ Before the word comes to the lips to chant love, it must fall into the heart like a cemre!’ says. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between true love and false love.

Yes, maybe love is our search for the other and even our inability to find it. It is an effort to find the self and a desire for completion, as it has been in tales and epics in the history of humanity from ancient times to the present. Love has existed in every society, in every culture and at all times, but the definition of love differs from culture to culture and person to person.

In order to understand love and the pain of love, it is necessary to listen to J. Bowlby, who put forward the “attachment theory”. According to attachment theory, development is continuous, so relationships with parents at an early age shape future relationships. In the early years of life, after separation from the mother, we create a series of response patterns such as “resistance”, “desperation” and “detachment”. According to Bowlby’s theory, each person has mental schemas based on his perception of himself and the important people in his life. When people form new relationships, they act according to these models and schemas based on old memories and experiences. Unconsciously, his relations with the opposite sex, his relations with the work and social environment begin to live according to these patterns. Ultimately, whether the person is infatuated or obsessed, similar motives are constantly operating in the relationship.

There is so much to say, write and draw about LOVE. That’s why for centuries, LOVE has always been the main actor in movies and novels, in short, in life. Let’s finish our summer with LOVE no matter what. Let’s not offend our very important feature.

With love…

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