Leg Lift

The sagging of the legs due to aging and rapid weight gain are eliminated by stretching. Leg stretching surgery can be performed using two different methods. The first method of leg lift surgery is the type of plastic surgery performed with an incision made vertically from the upper part of the leg to the kneecap, known as the vertical incision method. The second leg stretching method is a form of plastic surgery performed with an elliptical incision from the upper part where the legs are attached to the hips.

In both methods, traces of plastic surgery will remain. However, the surgical scars of those who have leg lift aesthetics with the second method are more preferred than the first method, as they remain in the area under the underwear. Thanks to the leg stretching surgery performed with the first method, the incisions will be under the bikini / swimsuit, so you can easily enter the pool / sea.

Leg lift surgeries, which take about two hours, are usually performed during tummy tuck or liposuction plastic surgery. The patient may need to stay in the hospital for 2 days after surgery. After leaving the hospital, the first 1 month spent at home can be a difficult process for the patient. In order to get through this process comfortably, it is necessary to be very gentle while sitting, standing, lying, and moving the legs in any way. Because the stitches will not be removed during the first 2 weeks, the stitches will be stretched with each movement and this will naturally cause pain.

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