Leg Lift

The upper part of the legs loses its tension due to weight gain, aging, childbirth, and loosening and sagging occur in the inner thighs. If these sagging and irregularities are severe, leg (thigh) stretching surgery is performed.

It can usually be performed under general anesthesia with other surgeries, as well as with local anesthesia. Postoperative activities should be restricted for 2-3 weeks.

The scars formed in the groin area as a result of this surgery are important. Although it is often made to be hidden in a bikini or swimsuit, it can go down a few cm over time depending on gravity. With an incision made from the groin area to the back, the elliptical skin and fat tissues are removed. Then the tissues are brought together and sutured.

Wound healing problems may occur as the suture line is in a naturally moist and contaminated area such as the groin area. Post-operative care and treatment are as important as the surgical decision. Since dissolvable suture materials are preferred, there is no need to take sutures.

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