What is Leaf Porcelain?

Leaf porcelains are very thin ceramic materials that we use especially in anterior teeth.
Unlike conventional prosthetic applications, only slight abrasions from the front face are sufficient without reducing the entire tooth.
Thin leaf-shaped porcelains prepared by measuring as a result of these abrasions are adhered to the tooth.

Who is Leaf Porcelain applied to?

  • Dissatisfied with the shape and color of their teeth,
  • Broken,
  • worn,
  • For those with overlapping teeth
  • spaced between teeth

It is applied to individuals.

Leaf porcelain is very suitable for a shining, sparkling smile.

What are the advantages of Leaf Porcelain?

It is the most conservative method because very little tissue is removed from the teeth. (protector)and is the closest prosthesis application to natural teeth.

  • Since porcelain laminates are very thin porcelain leaves, their light transmittance is excellent, so they perfectly imitate real teeth.
  • The desired colors can be given to the teeth and this color will never change.
  • Interdental spaces, perplexities and caries can be easily removed with this method.

Do Leaf Porcelains break quickly because they are thin?
It is very difficult to break a correctly prepared porcelain sheet after the controls made by the physician in the mouth. Leaf porcelains pressed (prepared under pressure)Since they are porcelain, they easily compensate for the large forces that occur in the mouth.

Do Leaf Porcelains fall off easily?
During the bonding of porcelain laminates, a different application is made than normal veneers. The most advanced adhesives available in this application today (adhesive systems) used. Thus, tooth tissue and lamina are chemically bonded to each other and become more effective than physical adhesion.

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