Laser Vagina Tightening

With normal birth, pregnancy, weight and the natural aging process, the muscles in the vagina lose their flexibility and weaken. This situation can cause laxity, enlargement and deformities in the vagina as well as urinary incontinence. While the length of the vagina is 7-8 cm and the diameter is 2 cm in women who have not given birth, the length of the vagina is 8-10 cm and the diameter is 3-4 cm in women who have given birth.

Enlargement, stretching, sagging and tearing of the vagina during normal delivery can cause permanent damage to the vaginal structure. Every birth does not cause damage to the vagina, but as the number of births increases, the anatomy of the vagina may deteriorate, the vagina may enlarge, and vaginal tears may occur in cases such as difficult labor, large baby, birth with intervention during birth, and opening of the birth sutures. The damage caused by the differences in collagen and elastin in the connective tissue between individuals can also occur in varying degrees.

Patients most often consult a doctor because of a rough tissue on their hands while they are using the toilet, sometimes with urinary incontinence, sometimes with the complaints of loose vaginal tissue of their spouses, and with the uterine prolapse out of the vagina in more advanced stages. This situation gradually begins to cause problems during sexual intercourse. It can cause pain during sexual intercourse, inability to orgasm, decrease in sexual satisfaction, decrease in frequency of sexual intercourse and ultimately sexual reluctance.

The laser increases the production of collagen fibrils in the vaginal canal wall and tightens the canal. Vaginal narrowing and rejuvenation method with laser does not require surgery, anesthesia, incisions and stitches. There is no pain or ache during and after the procedure. The application lasts for 20-25 minutes and then you can return to daily life immediately.

In the same session with laser vaginal rejuvenation, bleaching of the outer lips (genital whitening), tightening of the outer lips, shortening of the inner lips (labiaplasty) operations can also be performed.

What is Laser Vagina Tightening?

Vaginal tightening with laser, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is both a medical and aesthetic procedure involving the rejuvenation of the vaginal canal. Laser vaginal tightening is a non-surgical procedure and takes only 20 minutes.

Causes of Laser Vagina Tightening

One of the factors that play the biggest role in the enlargement of the vagina is difficult births. And also ; Having had a large number of normal births Abortion Gynecological interventions Enlargement due to sexual intercourse Genetic factors Age progression also plays a role in vaginal enlargement. The enlarged vagina can be intervened in two ways. One of them is vaginal tightening surgery, while the other is laser vaginal tightening.

To Whom Is Laser Vagina Tightening Applied?

It is an ideal procedure to apply to women who experience decreased sexual pleasure due to vaginal enlargement and who have bladder and uterine prolapse in addition to vaginal enlargement. In some women with vaginal enlargement problem, urinary incontinence is seen in sudden movements such as laughing and coughing.

Laser vaginal tightening is also an ideal treatment method for women who have frequent vaginal infections. Menopausal women experience thinning and dryness of the vaginal wall due to the decrease in estrogen hormone. This causes burning and pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation after laser application tightens the walls of the vagina and thickens the vaginal epithelium, providing comfort in intercourse.

How is Laser Vagina Tightening Performed?

The laser stimulates the connective tissue in the vagina and reshapes the collagen and elastic connective tissue. To explain a little more, the intensified thermal heat causes damage to the connective tissue, and as a result of this damage, the connective tissue renews itself and an increase in the number of collagens that provide tightening and rejuvenation occurs. Thus, the vagina regains the tightness it should be. It may take up to a month for the full effect of the procedure to be felt. It is normal to experience mild stinging and discharge for a few days after the procedure. You should not have sexual intercourse for 5 days after the procedure.

Vaginal tightening with laser can be repeated after a month. However, it should be noted that this situation varies from person to person. In some women, the procedure needs to be repeated every 2 years for the continuation of tightening and the desired effect.

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