Laser Treatment

Needle-free and anesthesia-free treatment is shown as one of the biggest advantages of laser. in teeth
The laser device, which is used in cleaning caries and gingival surgeries, can be used by the dentist with these advantages.
It plays an important role in overcoming fear. Water molecules targeted laser system, studied
It creates small explosions in the target tissue by absorbing the laser energy by the water in the tissue. This
small explosions dissolve the bonds between tissues and separate the tissues on the working surface from each other. Process
Since there is no thermal or mechanical effect during the procedure, the patient feels pain or tenderness.
not visible. Since the laser cuts 1 mm away from the tooth tissue, the treatment is pain, anesthesia and bleeding.
can be done without Micro cracks that occur as a result of the vibration of the turbine in the teeth.
prevention, working without touching the tissue and creating a sterile area in the treatment environment,
one of the other factors that increase the success of the laser.

In which ailments is it used?

With the laser method, all kinds of treatments related to the hard and soft tissues in the mouth can be performed.
Cleaning the decayed tissues in the teeth, removing the teeth embedded in the bone
removal, cleaning of root tip cysts, root canal widening and disinfection, gingival
infection treatment, lengthening of the teeth by cutting the gums for aesthetic purposes, tongue and lip tie
incisions, oral aphthae and ulcer treatment, removal of tooth sensitivity, hyperpigmentation of the gums
Many treatments, such as the removal of discoloration due to coloration, are successfully performed using lasers.

Who should have laser treatment?

In patients who are afraid of the dentist or injection, pregnant women and serious
In individuals with a disease, laser use is preferred because it is often inconvenient to administer anesthesia.
is being done. Thus, patients feel more comfortable.

Since the first experiences are decisive in the later stages of life, the laser is used for the first time in teeth.
It will be a good choice for the treatment of children who are taken to their doctor.

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