Laser therapy for urinary incontinence


This complaint, which is the most common in daily life, affects 35% of our women over the age of 60 and about a quarter of them under the age of 60. Often, due to difficult births or repetitive vaginal interventions, disruptions in the pelvic floor structure and ruptures cause the neck of the bladder (urinary bag) to deteriorate and urinary incontinence occurs. Due to these complaints, unfortunately, women experience great anxiety and restlessness every time they leave the house. Today, our patients with urinary incontinence are offered intensive drug and surgical treatment options. While some of these treatments are very beneficial, some of them benefit the patient.

We would like to talk about Eryag laser therapy, which is one of the new treatment options, after making the IQ OL questioning in stress incontinence and diagnosing it with gynecological examination. With this minimally invasive treatment method, the patient can receive therapy by talking without any local or general anesthesia. The purpose of the application here is to prevent the involuntary movement of the bladder neck by triggering collagenization through laser therapy and to repair the impaired collagenization in the pelvic anatomy.

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