Laser Teeth Whitening

It is a laser tooth whitening process applied to remove the discoloration of the enamel and dentin of the tooth. It is done by the dentist by applying a tooth whitening drug and holding the laser light. By removing the stains on the teeth, the yellowing due to coffee, tea and cigarettes, the teeth are made whiter and brighter.

Who is the laser teeth whitening method applied to?

Laser teeth whitening method

People with yellowed teeth

People with congenital yellow teeth

In cases where brown and yellow stains on the teeth are caused by the use of antibiotics that are not suitable for use under the age of 12.

Bruising of teeth due to root canal treatment

Discoloration and yellowing problems as a result of febrile disease caught before completing the development of teeth.

Teeth whitening method is applied in cases due to the formation of black, gray and brown spots on the teeth due to the excessive intake of fluoride by young children.

Who is not suitable for teeth whitening?

1-For pregnant women

Persons younger than 2-18 years old

3- For those who are allergic to the gel to be used

4-For those who have porcelain teeth

5-People who consume cigarettes, tea and coffee heavily and cannot reduce their use.

6-Laser teeth whitening is not applied to cracked and broken teeth.

For the application, the tooth structure of the person and how suitable it is for treatment are investigated. Pictures are taken from suitable people. To compare the first and last version. Before proceeding to the application phase, the teeth should be brushed with a flour-free toothpaste before the session.

At the beginning of the whitening process

Teeth are cleaned with pumice

Lips and teeth are protected with a special protector.

Gel is applied to the teeth for 30 to 60 seconds. irradiation is applied. Irradiation time may vary depending on the gel and device used.

The session is completed by cleaning the protectors.

As a result of the antibiotics used when teeth whitening with laser, some people develop double color in advancing ages. If a double color warning is given during the examination, it would be better not to have a bleaching procedure. Because no matter how many applications are made, the teeth will not be plain white. Even though you receive a double color warning, if you have a whitening procedure, the lower part of the tooth will appear white and the upper part gray. Its permanence varies between 1 and 3 years.

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