Laser tattoo removal treatments


Laser tattoo removal is performed with Q switch Nd:Yag lasers, which are very sensitive and can shoot in a very short time (nanosecond). The Q switch laser reaches the dark tattoo pigment in the skin by passing through the skin surface without damaging it. The tattoo pigment absorbs the laser light and converts the energy in the light into sound and light. In this way, the pigment, which is in large pieces in the skin, is decomposed into small particles without damaging the surrounding tissue with the energy released.

Can every tattoo be destroyed?

Usually yes. Today, tattoo removal lasers are produced with very advanced technology. Although it is possible to remove many primary colors such as black and red with laser, green and its shades usually do not respond adequately to laser treatment.

How many tattoo removal sessions are there?

In the removal of tattoos with laser, the number of sessions is determined by the dye used, the technique applied, the amount of dye used and the type of laser used. The number of tattoo removal sessions varies between 2-12 sessions. While monochrome and amateur tattoos generally require less number of sessions, the number of sessions may be longer in multi-colored professional tattoos.

Tattoo removal session intervals and procedure.

Session intervals in tattoo removal are 6-8 weeks. After the laser removal treatment of tattoos, there will be a crusting and redness within 3-4 days. It would be appropriate to clean the wound with a suitable cleanser. It is useful to use sunscreen creams during this period. Sunbathing is inconvenient.

Is partial removal of the tattoo possible?

Yes it is possible. Fine lasers and techniques are used to destroy an inscription or pattern inside the tattoo.

Is it possible to remove permanent make-up with a tattoo laser?

Permanent make-up can also be removed by laser. The number of sessions also varies according to the color used and the depth of processing.

What are the risks of laser tattoo removal?

The majority of laser tattoo removal treatments do not develop permanent staining or scarring. But every medical procedure comes with certain risks. If the patient has a risky condition such as keloid or hypertrophic scar in the past, the risk of developing a problem increases. If you follow the rules that you need to follow before and after the application, it is usually possible to remove your tattoo without any problems.

Is laser tattoo removal a painful procedure?

The pain sensation to be felt in the same application varies from patient to patient and no significant pain occurs. In some cases, cooling systems, ice application or local anesthetic creams may be required to relieve pain. There is usually no need to use painkillers after the procedure.

As Esteloft Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, we use a Q switch Nd:Yag laser that produces double wavelength beams and is effective on many colors. Q switch lasers also perform carbon peeling applications and the treatment of all spots on the skin (aging and sun spots).

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