Laser spot treatment

Laser Spot Treatment

Sunspots are flat spots that appear after exposure to the sun, light or dark brown in color, not raised from the skin. Although it is usually seen in the face area of ​​our body; It comes out on sun-exposed parts such as hands, arms, back and décolleté. On the face, it is seen on the cheeks, forehead and lips. The incidence is high in young women. It is more common in dark-skinned people. Although the reason is unknown, it occurs as a result of the activation of color cells in the skin by sunlight and does not disappear on its own.

Familial predisposition to the appearance of sunspots, some drugs (tetracycline group antibiotics, birth control pills, diuretics, pain medications) increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun. In addition, sunbathing after locally applied fungus or acne creams, perfume, soap or cosmetic applications can cause stains. While these spots may regress in winter, they tend to darken again in sunny seasons.

In the treatment of sunspots, oral antioxidant drugs, spot lightening creams, chemical peels and laser applications can be used together or alone. Applications should be made in sunless seasons, otherwise repetition and side effects may occur. Depending on the depth of the stain, light or strong, multi-session treatments may be required. While spot lightening creams or chemical peels are sufficient for superficial stains; Laser treatment is successful in deep spots. While lightening creams and chemical peels peel the skin, they affect the melanocytes that give the skin its color.

In laser (LimeLight Cutera) treatment, the skin is both renewed; and the increased melanocytes are shed and shed. Laser (LimeLight Cutera) treatment can give results in a single session and can be repeated if necessary. Laser (LimeLight Cutera) treatment is painless. There is no need for any pain relieving cream or narcosis. The treatment area takes on a darker color within a few days. In the following days, the stain fades and disappears. A clean, new healthy skin emerges from the bottom. With the recently developed laser devices and techniques, the treatments of sunspots can be performed optimally.

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