Laser Non-Surgical Face Lift (4D Application)

What is 4D application with laser?

  • Permanently tightening, stretching, wrinkle removal and rejuvenation of the face and neck using laser beams without injection, anesthesia or a surgical procedure.

  • It is a synergistic, non-invasive laser treatment that provides collagen contraction in all layers of the skin by being applied both on the skin and in the mouth.

  • 4 different treatment modes of ND:YAG and Er:YAG laser wavelengths are used in sequence.

  • It has a comprehensive effect on the superficial, medium-deep and deep layers of the skin at 4 different levels and works on the different connective structures there and corrects the signs of aging and skin imperfections.

How does the 4D application with a laser work?

  1. Step 2: It is an intraoral application. It is the step that creates tension in the skin by stimulating collagen contraction in the mouth.

  2. Step: It is the step that is applied from the skin surface and treats deep defects in order to complete the effect of the intraoral application and restore the young tissue.

  3. Step: It is a firming step that is applied to the face and neck in a controlled manner with a special apparatus from the skin surface.

  4. Step: It is the step applied to the surface of the skin, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing the imperfections, giving the skin a smooth appearance with a slight peeling.

When will the results of 4D laser application appear?

Although it shows individual differences, some improvement is seen in most people immediately after the application. Real results are seen gradually over months.

How do you feel during the application?

It typically creates a gradual warming sensation. You may feel a short-term warmth in the treatment area that resolves quickly.

Can you return to social life or work after the application?

Treatment is not a surgical or invasive procedure. You can return to your social life or work without interruption.

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