Laser liposuction with navigation

GPS technology is added to the recently developed laser liposuction, allowing the applied areas to be seen on the screen and scanned with a laser. Thus, it adjusts the laser power according to the determined energy dose, and cuts the shot power in the region that has reached sufficient energy. Thanks to lipocontrol, the risk of burns and bleeding is minimized. Postoperative swelling, edema and bruising are seen much less frequently. Patients can return to their normal life and work more quickly.

First, the targeted area is inflated with local anesthetic fluid. The fat cells under the skin are detonated by controlled heating with a laser device. The surgery is completed by easily pulling the liquefied fat that is exposed. The heat in the skin increases the collagen and the skin becomes more elegant. Thus, the loosened skin in the liposuction area is also stretched.

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