Laser liposuction-laser lipolysis with gps / navigation method laser liposuction


The laser liposuction method is a new and advanced technology that irreversibly breaks down fat cells and thus is used in regional thinning and skin tightening treatments. The liposuction operation performed with the laser method has become an alternative technological development to the classical liposuction method in recent years and has become preferred with increasing patient satisfaction.


In recent years, technological developments have accelerated in laser lipolysis systems developed as an alternative to classical liposuction surgery. The navigation system is one of the last links of these methods. Laser lipolysis with navigation method works with a GPS-like control system. The GPS system enables the distribution of laser beams in the tissue to be followed. By following the laser beams in the application area on the screen, the treatment area can be completely scanned, and it becomes possible to send an equal amount of energy to the entire area without skipping. This minimizes the risk of skin irregularities due to liposuction, which is the biggest disadvantage of classical methods.

How is laser lipolysis applied?

Laser lipolysis is an application that can be performed with regional anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia in many cases. The application is made through small incisions of 1 mm and with very thin laser devices. These fiberoptic cannulas break down the fat cells under the skin and quickly remove them from the body. Laser beams target only fat cells and do not harm other organs and tissues. Fragmented fat cells can still be taken out with thin cannulas, but in applications made to limited areas, there is no need to take the fat out because the circulatory system removes the fragmented fat from the area. One of the biggest advantages of laser lipolysis is that it can perform the skin tightening process together with the fat removal process in the same session.

Which areas is it applied to?

Laser Liposuction can generally be applied to the legs, waist, hips, inner sides of the knees, back, arms, face (jowl) and belly areas. It is also frequently used in the treatment of gynecomastia.

The caps used for laser liposuction are generally 1 mm thin cannulas. In this regard, the risk of leaving a surgical scar or scar is very low.

Ideal patients for laser lipolysis are those with normal body weight and those with fat deposits only in certain areas. The system also provides skin tightening. Thus, both the summer excess treatment and the skin tightening process are realized in a single session.

Cellulite treatment and laser lipolysis

Laser beams are essentially converted into heat energy under the skin. Some of this energy breaks down fat cells, and some of it tightens the skin. With these features, the navigational laser lipolysis method is a method that can be used safely not only in the treatment of regional thinning, but also in the treatment of cellulite.

Advantages of laser lipolysis method

· No need for narcosis. It can be done with local anesthesia or regional anesthesia.

· Fat removal and skin tightening are performed in a single session.

· Recovery time is shorter than other methods.

· Bruises seen in classical liposuction are less common.

· Corset wearing time is shorter.

Swelling and pain complaints are less common

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