Laser Liposuction

Is laser liposuction a surgical procedure?
It is a surgical procedure. In this way, it provides body shaping.

Can laser liposuction be performed in environments such as practice, polyclinic?
Laser liposuction sterilization, anesthesia (general or local) basic surgical principles apply. Consultations from other departments, such as cardiology, may be tense.

Is laser liposuction a painful operation?
There is pain depending on the width of the treated area. The pain felt for 2-3 days after the surgery is controlled with simple painkillers.

Will there be any scars after laser liposuction surgery?
The procedure is done with small incisions. Since thinner surgical instruments are used and additional precautions are taken, the scar is very small. These scars fade over time. However, there is no trace left completely.

Are the fats broken down by laser liposuction thrown out?
Fats broken down by laser lipolysis must be taken out by suction method.

Is it possible to lose a lot of weight with laser liposuction?
Laser liposuction aims to correct the body contour. However, it is normal to lose weight. The smoothness of your body contour, which is visible after the procedure, creates the perception that you lose more weight than the amount of fat taken.

Are laser liposuction and laser lipolysis different things?
Laser lipolysis is the process of breaking down fat. In this way, oil becomes easier to take. Laser liposuction, on the other hand, means the process of pulling out the fat that is lipolysis by laser. Laser lipolysis applied to large areas must be pulled out by applying suction.

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