Laser Lipolysis Method

One of the issues that Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery has been most interested in for years is regional


So, how is Laser Lipolysis, one of the most used methods for regional slimming, applied?

With Laser Liposuction, directly through small holes that do not require stitches.

It is aimed to liquefy the oils. This is the first stage of the operation… In the second stage, the liquid

The fat is drawn out of the body. This is actually known to everyone as Liposuction.

operation, but there are some differences: Since it is much easier to withdraw the liquefied oil, the operation

Side effects such as swelling, pain and bruising are almost never seen. In the third stage

once again laser technology comes into play; tightening the subcutaneous tissue and removing fat

The region is given its final shape by eliminating the gap in the region. Thus, the area of ​​operation

it is as if it was packaged and deterioration in the healing process is prevented.

The operation can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia depending on the width of the regions.

Even if it is performed under general anesthesia, patients leave their bed one hour after the operation.

can get up and socialize as soon as possible depending on the width of the application area.

can return to life. For example; only for the abdomen and waist area after three days

A return to life is planned. The use of corsets is limited to ten to fifteen days.

Although the difference can be seen seriously immediately after the operation, it is exactly the desired result.

It takes eight to ten weeks to reach it.

It is also very effective in the breast and abdomen area in men.

“Laser Assisted Liposuction” is effective in all areas with fat. Regions with the best results

the abdomen, waist, hips, inner thighs, inner knees, back, arms, and jowl area, respectively.

The method is for men, especially in the breast and abdomen area.

Extremely effective and safe for removal.

It is not an obesity treatment.

This operation has no effective side in the treatment of obesity. For weight loss purposes

We definitely do not recommend. This is the issue that our patients often get wrong. In this process, the aim is to

shape It is aimed to get rid of excess fat, not excess weight. obesity treatment

For this reason, a dietitian should be consulted and necessary professional support should be obtained.

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