Laser Lipolysis (Liposuction) is the aspiration procedure performed by protecting the vessels and nerve structures by entering through very small incisions with the help of special cannulas connected to the vacuum pump of the subcutaneous fat tissues. laser lipolysis magnificence hardworking LIPOSUCTION SURGERY (FAT REMOVAL SURGERY) Liposuction (liposuction) is the aspiration process of subcutaneous fat tissues by entering through very small incisions with the help of special cannulas connected to the vacuum pump, while preserving the vessels and nerve structures. Liposuction surgery (liposuction surgery) is one of the most popular surgeries today, but its effectiveness and indication for surgery is one of the most misunderstood surgeries. Liposuction surgery (liposuction surgery) is not a weight loss method. The aim is not to lose weight after liposuction surgery, but to tighten and help tightening, to help correct body lines. As technology progresses in recent years, we, as a team that closely follows this technology, now use laser lipolysis or 3D laser lipolysis techniques instead of classical liposuction, except for mandatory situations. For this reason, I have emphasized the places where the word liposuction is mentioned in the rest of my page, in parentheses. Laser lipolysis and laser liposuction are the same thing and the difference from classical liposuction is that liposuction is performed using the heat and firming effect of the laser device. 3D laser lipolysis is a new concept and it is the completion of the fat removal and shaping process by putting the device working with 3 different technologies into operation at different stages. With 3D laser lipolysis, more fat can be removed and the skin is tightened much better. However, 3D laser lipolysis is not suitable for overweight patients. If you are very overweight, unfortunately this surgery is not for you. Regional thinning and contour correction is performed with liposuction surgery. The most suitable candidates for liposuction surgery (3D laser lipolysis surgery) are young-middle-aged patients with regional excesses, and the indication for the surgery should be correct. OBJECTIVES OF LIPOSAK SURGERY (3D LASER LIPOLYSIS SURGERY) Although personal factors play a role in the definition of beauty in 3D laser lipolysis surgery, common beauty concepts that everyone living in the same culture unite in could be defined. The prominence of the “open-S-curves” in the female figure adds to the beauty. People are affected by the harmony created by these curves. Concavity in the waist region and convexity in the hip region stand out in women, while these lines are flatter in men. The aim of liposuction surgery (liposuction, 3D laser lipolysis surgery) is to create the concept we call these open S curves or to make it look close to this appearance. WHO SHOULD NOT APPLY LIPOSUCTION SURGERY (3D LASER LIPOLYSIS SURGERY)? I) Absolute Contraindications (Unacceptable Candidate): Morbid Obesity (body mass index 30 and above) Patients with very high skin laxity (regardless of age) Patients with collagen diseases Patients who cannot maintain their weight balance due to endocrine diseases Hernias (with umbilical or inguinal hernia) Bleeding Patients with a disorder disease II) Relative Contraindications (Acceptable Candidate) Skin laxity (regardless of age) Cellulite (We perform laser lipolysis for cellulite treatment with the latest methods, but normal liposuction may not give the desired results in patients with cellulite.) Traces due to weight changes LIPOSUCTION SURGERY ( THINGS TO DO BEFORE 3D LASER LIPOLYSIS SURGERY) If we want to get maximum results from liposuction surgery (3D laser lipolysis surgery), you should start a realistic and most suitable diet for you at least 2 weeks before the surgery and start exercising if possible. By doing this, you can get more effective results in the postoperative period by regulating the body’s fat metabolism. Before liposuction surgery (3D laser lipolysis surgery), if we use blood thinners, herbal tea, etc., we should definitely stop. If you are using any pills for weight loss before the surgery, you should definitely stop. LIPOSUCTION SURGERY (3D LASER LIPOLYSIS SURGERY) HEALING PROCESS After entering the operating room for 3D laser lipolysis surgery with great excitement, the first thing you will experience after your surgery is over and you wake up and come to your senses is the pressure effect on the application area. Do not be afraid when you feel this. Because the reason for this effect is your corset, which will integrate with you for a period of 2-6 months. When you understand that this effect is due to the corset, you will start to feel very little pain in the application areas and you will be given painkillers for this pain. You can be discharged from the hospital if you feel better after you get rid of the effect of the narcosis from your body (6-24 hours on average). In general, the average hospital stay after 3D laser lipolysis surgery is 12-48 hours. We invite you to our office for dressing on the 1st or 2nd day after you are discharged from the hospital, and when you remove your corset, you will see small incisions depending on the area whose largest size does not exceed 0.5 cm. The other thing that will attract your attention will be bruises that can be seen at varying rates depending on your skin sensitivity. All these bruises and incisions completely disappear within 30 days. In some application areas, these times may increase or decrease. The reason why you will wear the corset and never take it off is to ensure that the fat tissues taken from your excess areas adhere well to the skin. In the 6-month period after liposuction surgery (liposuction, 3D laser lipolysis surgery), your edema will decrease rapidly and your body contours will begin to become clear, and you will begin to see these effects from the 1st month. To summarize the recovery process of liposuction surgery: Fat removal surgery (3D laser lipolysis surgery) 5 Periods of the recovery process: 1) Early Post-Op Period (1-7 days) 2) Fatigue period (7-15 days) 3) Disappointment period (16-25 days) In this period, you will feel as if you still have excesses and you may feel discomfort due to edema. 4) Relief period (26-42 days) 5) Satisfaction period (>6 weeks) Swelling reduction in 5 days 5-7 days daily activities Sports in 3 weeks (depending on the applied area, this period may extend up to the 6th week) bruising in 3-4 weeks, swelling in 6 weeks, last situation in a month While writing this section, my aim is not to scare you, but to raise awareness and convey the right information to you in all aspects. Complication is a situation that happens to every surgeon, and the important thing is the attitude to be exhibited when faced with such a picture. For this reason, be sure to talk to your doctor about all the details before the surgery and ask everything that comes to your mind. Possible complications of liposuction surgery The more fat aspirate withdrawn, the greater the amount of fluid and blood lost from the body. For this reason, when an average of 3-4 liters of fat is withdrawn, it may be necessary to supplement you with blood and plasma from the outside. In this case, your hospital stay will be extended. There may be extreme sensitivity or vice versa, loss of sensation and numbness in the treated area. This situation disappears on average in 3 months and is not exactly a complication. There may be slight fluctuations and slight dimples in the application areas, this situation is minimized thanks to the use of corsets. But if these fluctuations have left their place to deep pits and dimples, unfortunately, you will have to have a second surgery, preferably within 6 months -1 year, to correct this situation. Hematoma due to bleeding in the application area and fluid collection due to it and bruises that remain for a long time. This is a condition that can be recovered and prevented with the early intervention of your doctor. Asymmetry may occur in the treated area, and in such a case, a surgical procedure may be required to correct it. Permanent loss of sensation in that area as a result of the destruction of the sensory nerves in the application area. LASER LIPOLYS, LASER LIPOSUCTION, FAT REMOVAL BY LASER LIPOLYS With the development of technology, methods have developed that help liposuction surgery and provide much more fat removal in a much shorter time. Some of these methods are; Internal Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (IUAL) VASER External UAL (eUAL) LaserAssisted Liposuction (LAL) (LAZER LIPOLİZ ) Powered Assisted Liposuction (PAL) The difference of laser lipolysis from liposuction is that the application area is heated up to a certain joule value with the help of laser beam before starting the liposuction. This heat causes the liquefaction of the fat cells and the opening/movement of the immobile and stubborn fat layer in the substrate. After achieving this effect, the liposuction process is started. In this way, the vacuum process is applied in a much shorter time and much more effectively. Another advantage of laser lipolysis is that it tightens the skin, reduces existing cellulite and even makes it disappear. At the same time, laser lipolysis is the most effective method of lipolysis in breast growth due to excess fat in men. laser lipolysis; It is also the most effective method in the treatment of patients who have had liposuction surgery before, but who have irregular pits and fluctuations. Liposuction with laser lipolysis is a very popular application today, and the efficiency of liposuction has increased in this way. WHICH AREAS ARE APPLICABLE TO LASER LIPOLYSIS OR LIPOSUCTION? Fat removal surgery with laser lipolysis is applied to every region where there is excess fat locally. However, it is necessary to avoid applying fat removal surgery with laser lipolysis to the inner legs in very large amounts. In order not to affect the lymph circulation in the inner legs, it is applied to this area in a controlled and less frequent way. Liposuction surgery can also be applied to the excesses left on the sides after breast reduction surgery with laser lipolysis. After tummy tuck surgery, fat removal with controlled laser lipolysis can be applied to the upper abdomen and waist region. WHEN TO START SPORTS AFTER FAT REMOVAL SURGERY (3D LASER LIPOlysis SURGERY)? After the liposuction surgery, your starting time for sports is 3-4 weeks, and after the second week, if you are not having difficulty, you can start doing pilates and fitness. But for a comfortable sport, it is useful to wait 3-4 weeks after the liposuction surgery.

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