Laser lipolysis appears to almost completely replace liposuction

Laser Lipolysis (Smart Lipo, Slim Lipo)

One of the most effective factors in the development and success of the techniques used in aesthetic operations is the tools and systems used. Technology is advancing so fast that the best method used in the treatment of a disease a few years ago is abandoned and a new and more successful method is started to be used. Of course, the new method used should not harm the patient first, reduce the risk of complications, and the results should be better scientifically and visually than the old method. The laser system has also been used routinely in aesthetic surgery, especially in regional slimming, in the last 5 years.
Laser lipolysis method started to spread all over the world after getting FDA (American food and drug administration) approval in 2006.

What is laser lipolysis?

It is a method in which the fat under the skin is destroyed by giving it heat energy and turning it into a liquid, and it is expelled from the body by itself. For example, by applying a laser to the hip or abdominal fat, where we had lipsuction before, with a laser device that produces an effective wavelength only for the fat cells and a 1mm fiber tip with a red light at the end, we ensure that the fat is broken down. It is less traumatic as it has a thinner tip compared to liposuction. At the same time, the risk of bleeding is less with laser lipolysis. For this reason, it ensures that the bruises are less after the surgery. In the studies, it was determined that the recovery period after the laser lipolysis operation and the return to social life was 1.5 days on average. The laser device has been designed so successfully that while performing the lipolysis process, it provides stretching of the skin with a second wavelength that affects the skin. According to studies, the remodeling effect of laser with neocologenesis provides recovery and tightening of the skin. In fact, we can say that this is one of the most important advantages of laser lipolysis. For example, in the treatment of a woman with lubrication and sagging in her arms, previously liposuction was used to remove the fat on the arm and skin stretching was performed. The patient’s arms would swell for 3-4 weeks, and a line-like scar would remain under the arm. With the laser lipolysis technique, fat can be destroyed without any stretching and tightening can be achieved without making any incisions on the skin. Especially in areas where the skin is thin and more prone to sagging, such as the armpits and the groin, we can reach the result without making any incisions. This tightening effect shows itself more clearly as the days go by.

Another advantage of laser lipolysis is that it has a diffuse effect under the skin in a radiant manner, thus minimizing the risks such as post-operative pitting and skin irregularities, which are sometimes seen in incorrect liposuction applications. Another advantage is that fibrotic and rough areas can be easily treated in cases where liposuction has been performed before and has not been successful. In overweight patients, there is also a chance to get rid of a larger amount of fat safely due to its bleeding-reducing effect. Likewise, it can be used easily in a few sessions in such patients.

Since laser lipolysis is a less invasive procedure compared to liposuction, it can be performed with anesthesia methods called sedation anesthesia or local anesthesia without general anesthesia. Thus, it may not require hospitalization after the operation. After the surgery, patients say that they are much more painless than they expected. Post-operative corset usage time is approximately 2 weeks.

The laser lipolysis method is a reliable method that has now been accepted in the world’s aesthetic surgery literature for getting rid of unwanted fat. Laser lipolysis is a method in which better results are obtained than classical liposuction, the risk of complications is less, and the recovery time and postoperative patient comfort are extremely good in hands that have experience in lipolysis. It seems that in a short time, laser lipolysis will almost completely replace classical liposuction.

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