Laser Lipolysis

In short, the method, also known as laser lipo, is a method where laser energy is injected into the adipose tissue.

sent via fiber optic; based on fragmentation and damage. Loose

It is an ideal method for this area, due to its ability to recover the skin to some extent.

This property is based on the stimulation of collagen production. Absorption of broken down fats with this effect

Results start to appear after 6 weeks and improvement continues for 4 months.

In addition to having less bruising and swelling after the procedure, it is a fast procedure.

It can also be said that it is a suitable method for the requirements.

Laser lipolysis can also be used for revision and retouching in areas where liposuction was previously performed.

It is an appropriate technique. To reduce breast size in men, in hard areas such as the back,

Loosening of tissues such as under the chin and chin contour, inside the legs, inside the arms and on the face and waist

It is highly cultivated in the regions that tend to In the studies carried out, oil with laser energy

cell cannot perform its normal duties and swell and disperse by pulling the surrounding water.


However, the benefits of laser lipolysis are limited in cases of excessive looseness.

It would be appropriate to do it together with the “lifting” operations. laser lipolysis; Only

It does not save from settled excesses, also cellulite applications, jowl and breast in men

many problems such as eliminating the size of the legs, recovering the sagging of the legs and arms.

has benefit.

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