Laser Genital Area Lightening – Whitening

The external genitalia is called the vulva. The vulva may darken over time due to age and hormonal changes. Many women complain of darkening in color due to hormonal factors that change during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the darkening in this area is permanent. This is especially evident in dark-skinned people. Use of birth control pills other than pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal problems, some skin diseases, and some methods applied for epilation in the genital area cause darkening in the external genital area.

How is Color Lightening Made with Laser?

Today’s laser lightening treatments; genital area bleaching, color bleaching, genital area bleaching treatments can be applied.
Laser genital bleaching is also known as ‘labial whitening’ or ‘vulvar whitening’.

Lightening treatments with ER-YAG Laser take approximately 15/20 minutes. It is not a painful application. There is no need for general anesthesia. Thanks to the laser light given during the procedure, the pigment-producing ‘melanocyte’ cells that cause darkening of the skin are destroyed, thereby providing genital whitening.

Usually one session is sufficient. The person can return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

What should be considered after the procedure;

After the procedure, it is sufficient to use the creams recommended by the physician. Swelling (edema), reddening and then temporary darkening may occur in that area for a few days.

Sometimes there may be a slight accumulation of water. Afterwards, the skin will peel off on its own and a more vibrant, light-colored, shiny skin texture will emerge from the bottom. The renewed skin tissue will be healthier, fuller and brighter.

Is Genital Laser Harmful?

No. The penetration of the laser light into the skin does not exceed 3-4 millimeters. So there is no harm.

Are There Any Risks of Genital Area Whitening with Laser?

There is no risk when applied by experienced physicians.

When Can I Start Sexual Life?

Tissue healing is usually completed within the first week. If there is no swelling, pain or blistering, sexual intercourse can take place after this period.

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