Laser carbon peeling


Carbon Peeling (Laser Skin Rejuvenation)

In the light of developing technology and scientific data, laser technologies continue to gain a place in the field of medicine as well as in all areas of our lives. The use of laser methods for skin health and beauty has also gained a place in the light of this development. Carbon peeling application is one of the latest innovations brought by this development.

Carbon peeling application is one of the most popular laser skin resurfacing procedures of recent times. The method brings many advantages and therefore the demand for treatment is increasing day by day.

What is carbon peeling?

Carbon peeling is a kind of laser facial rejuvenation and rejuvenation process. The biggest difference from laser resurfacing and fractional laser methods is that it can perform skin rejuvenation without leaving scars and crusting on the skin.

How is the treatment applied?

Before the Karnon peeling application, the face area is cleaned and carbon cream is applied. At the end of the cream application, laser treatment begins. The laser is applied to the areas painted with carbon and all carbon structures are cleaned. In the second stage, the skin rejuvenation process, which we call non-ablative, is applied. No pain is felt during the application. A redness occurs in the application areas, which lasts for about 2-3 hours, and this redness disappears by itself.

Carbon peeling treatments

Although carbon peeling is used in the treatment of many complaints concerning the facial area, its therapeutic effects are as follows;

· Active acne treatment

· Treatment of midlife wrinkles

· Treatment of spots on the face

· Treatment of old acne scars

· pore tightening

Lasers used in carbon peeling treatment

The lasers used in the treatment of carbon peeling are Q-switched Nd:Yag lasers. The most important feature of this laser is its ability to shoot in one thousandth of a second and to treat deep tissues without damaging the skin.

How many sessions of treatment are required?

Carbon peeling applications are planned as 4-6 sessions. The first treatments are continued every 10-15 days, the other treatments are continued once a month. Therefore, the number of applications varies according to the characteristics of the person and the surface to be treated.

Carbon peeling and skin care

In recent years, treatments for skin care have been abandoned and replaced by new methods. The newest of these methods are carbon peeling and HD skin renewal and care systems. Therefore, carbon peeling can also perform a skin care application, and the effects seen in tens of sessions of classical skin care, perhaps much more, can be obtained in 1-2 sessions.

When will the results appear?

The first results of carbon peeling applications begin to appear after 2-3 weeks. This laser treatment actually treats the subcutaneous tissues, and it is only in this period that the treatment of these tissues appears on the skin. Its effect is increasing gradually in repeated applications. After a few applications, it can be seen that the skin gains a brighter and fresher appearance.

What are the advantages of carbon peeling?

· It can be applied in all seasons. Thus, we get rid of the disadvantage of other laser processes that cannot be used in summer.

There is no pain-stinging sensation in applications

· After the application, crusting and scars do not occur. One cannot be excluded from social life.

Carbon peeling is also suitable for people with dark skin structure.

Treats difficult-to-treat skin spots in a few sessions.

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