Laser and eye dryness to throw away the glasses

Dry eye is the disease of the age, and laser is the fashion of the age to remove glasses. More precisely, there is a great return in the middle, patients are directed to the laser with large advertisements and shares.

Dry eye medication constitutes the largest portion of prescriptions. Here, too, there are great returns. Get away from the thought that dry eyes will improve with eye drops. The effect of the drop is 5-6 minutes.

Laser burns. Which burn leaves no damage? Even if these damages heal, the tissue does not regain its previous intact state.

What does the laser do? Dry eye affects the cornea the most, because it is the most sensitive tissue of the body and laser is applied to the eye here.

Those who do eye lasers know this and in their advertisements, they are in the defense of “Our application causes less dry eye”.

The laser burns the cells of the mucin layer, which provides moisture in the cornea. While explaining the tear film order, the tear film order is mentioned. They consist of mucin, aqueous (water) and oil. Disruption of this order causes dry eye.

There are about 100 nerve endings in the cornea that signal that the eye is dry. These are burned and rendered out of function during the laser process. You can think of it as the paralyzed man’s nerves not working. So it is not renewed.

The front lens of the eye, the cornea, is an avascular tissue, it takes its oxygen from the air. The nutritive products cannot therefore be obtained from the body. Toxic substances cannot be excreted through capillaries like other tissues. These cause serious discomfort. For this reason, the front lens of the eye should not be manipulated by the arrangement of the cornea.

Dry eye complaints of patients with laser peak at night. Most patients get up at night and drip teardrops. Although the eyelid moistens the corneal surface at night, the complaint is at its peak. This is because tear secretion increases as the eye is blinked and closed. When this work does not happen, the lacrimal gland also goes to rest.

Shouldn’t there be a laser to throw away the glasses? The decision is patient, everyone lives their destiny. It is necessary to decide by considering that the life expectancy extends to the 90s and the tear gland is also getting old.

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