Larynx Cancer

Smoking has a special place in laryngeal cancers, it is rare in non-smokers. In addition, until recently, the male-female ratio of patients with laryngeal cancer was 1/10 in favor of males. The reason for this is that men have more smoking habits. Indeed, the onset of smoking habit among women has increased this rate. Excessive alcohol use is considered as a factor because it carries smoking with it.

What are the Symptoms in Laryngeal Cancers?

The most important symptom is hoarseness. Hoarseness can range from mild to incomplete voice. For this reason, hoarseness that occurs in a person over 40 years old and has a smoking habit should not be neglected. Other symptoms may include coughing, sore throat, painful swallowing, and earache. Finally, in advanced cases, shortness of breath will occur due to the enlarging mass blocking the airway.

What is the Treatment for Throat Cancers?

There are 2 methods in the treatment of laryngeal cancers. The first is surgery, that is, surgery, and the other is radiotherapy, that is, irradiation. Irradiation method is used in laryngeal cancers that are caught early. However, surgery, that is, the surgical method, is a more effective and safe treatment method in many cases. In early cases, laser surgery is possible through the throat under the operating microscope.
Laryngeal cancer surgeries are divided into 2 groups, either removing the entire larynx or removing a part of the larynx. Of course, if the cancer is diagnosed early and has not spread to certain parts of the larynx; An operation performed in such a way that a part of the larynx is removed will not only make the patient’s later life comfortable, but will also be a safe and reliable treatment method as well as removing all of them. In some cases, irradiation and surgery are another method used together.

What is the Result of Surgery Performed in Laryngeal Cancers?

Due to the anatomical feature of the larynx, it does not easily remove the cancer from the larynx. A cartilage tube and the covering that covers this cartilage prevent the cancer from getting out of the larynx. Therefore, laryngeal cancer surgeries yield more effective results than other organ cancer surgeries.
Of course, the most important problem is that laryngeal cancer can be diagnosed early, as in other types of cancer. In cases involving early and small areas, the results are extremely promising. Another factor affecting the results of the surgery is the location of the cancer in which part of the larynx. Because different parts of the larynx have different blood and lymph flow.

Can Patients Who Have Surgery for Laryngeal Cancer Speak? By What Methods Is It Possible For They To Speak Again?

Generally, two types of surgery are performed in laryngeal cancers. The first is the removal of a part of the larynx, and the other is; removal of the entire larynx. In the first type, the removal of a part of the larynx, not the whole, is already possible for the patient to speak. In the surgery, the speech function of the larynx was more or less preserved. Therefore, there is no need for an additional method to speak. In cases where the entire larynx is removed, speech problems arise. There are some methods that will eliminate this problem or enable the patient to talk to continue his/her daily and social life. The first of these methods is to provide speech by placing a voice prosthesis during or after surgery. Another way is to try to speak by swallowing air, which is more difficult. We do not recommend it, although patients who cannot apply these methods can benefit from speech devices as a third method.

Is Laser Surgery Effective in Throat Cancers?

In recent years, we have been getting very successful results with Diode Laser in suitable cases. Because the neck is not opened from the outside and there is no hole in the trachea, patients start to feed in a short time and the hospital stay is shortened.

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