Laminated Ceramics

Lamina ceramics, which were used temporarily in the beginning of 1940 for the purpose of correcting the smile of artists and their aesthetic appearance in the art world, are now more strengthened and have become more aesthetically pleasing to perfection.

Lamina ceramics has come to the fore with the advantage of applying only on the front surface of the teeth and minimal tissue loss in the tooth tissue.

In deformities of the anterior teeth present in the mouth,
In anterior teeth discoloration,
The distance between the front teeth is clear,
In cases where the caries on the front surface of the teeth cannot be resolved aesthetically with filling, Lamina porcelain applications make aesthetics and function real with minimal tooth tissue loss with high success.
Very detailed planning in lamina ceramic applications and presenting a sample application called mock-up to the patient’s taste before starting the preparation of the teeth are of great advantage. After the approval of the physician and the patient in this trial rehearsal, the teeth will be prepared and the exact same model of the trial model will be applied to the patient as a ceramic lamina at the end.

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